Porch Floor Makeover and Affordable Area Rugs

Our screened in porch really needs a makeover. First and foremost we needed to rip up the outdoor carpeting which has been there forever. We have decided to paint the cement and cover the interior with a pretty rug. So I have been searching the web for some affordable area rugs, and here’s what I found.

Affordable Area Rugs


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First, let me show you the old carpet. It actually looks worse in real life.


After we removed the carpet we found some lovely cracks that run from one end to the other.


To add to the mess, there was a cloth-like padding under the carpet that stuck to the glue, so we are going to have to use some kind of solvent, to clean it all up before we paint.

I’m thinking of using a nice medium to dark gray paint for the floor. I want to keep it neutral and I’m loving all the warm gray scenarios I am seeing on other blogs, Pinterest and TV.


The furniture is mainly a light rattan (actually resin) with green cushions and a couple of black rocking chairs.

The Layout


We decided that the best area rug would fit inside the furniture, to keep it affordable, and because the doors may get in the way if we went out too much further.

Area Rug Search

After searching through Amazon, I came up with over 20 possible options but narrowed them down to these two.


This one is a gray and cream and only costs $58 with free shipping. It did have a couple of good reviews, though one reviewer mentioned that it is more gray and tan, than blue and white, which is what it looks like here. I agree that it does look like blue and white, but I like the idea of gray and tan so it’s a keeper. The size is 5’3″ x 7’3″, which should work in this space. It does appear to be more of a light mat than a rug, which may be why it is so cost efficient.


This one I love because of the subtle floral pattern, and if you know me, you know I love just about anything floral. However, I also like that it is subtle and has the neutral gray and brown tones. The cost is considerably more at $129, for a 5′ 3″ x 7′ 6″ rug. 


This next rug comes from Target.  I really like the geometric pattern. It’s also grey which should coordinate well with the gray painted cement. For an 5′ x 8′ size the cost is only $90, which is very affordable like most items in Target. The reviews were good, though one person said the actual rug was bluer than it appeared in the photo. I’m not sure I want it to be blue, but it’s not a deal breaker.


The last choice I’ve narrowed my search to also comes from Target. Another flower pattern called “Poppy.” This one does have some blue in it. It would be a nice accent piece, and might due well since the rest of the furniture is somewhat neutral, but it may be too busy. The cost is $116 for a 5’3″ x 7’6″ rug. There were no reviews on this one but I have purchased rugs from Target before, so I’m pretty comfortable with the quality. 

So there you have it. Four affordable area rugs narrowed down out of around 30 that I liked. Now to choose. Which one would you pick?


Remodeling a screened in porch floor and finding affordable area rugs choices online to fit the space and decor of the room.

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  1. If my opinion counts I love the gray with white flowers from Target. With neutral furniture it would be so lovely.

  2. I really like option #1. It is not too busy and the colors will go nicely with what you described.

  3. Gail Fleckenstein says:

    I actually have the third one (gray ) in Lara’s old room as a runner, and it is very thin and doesn’t have much weight to it. I do like it but I really don’t know how durable it would be, but since you porch is screened in it would probable work.

  4. It is hard to pick from your four choices as they are all lovely. My choice would be the Poppy rug. It would add some color to your porch. I have a colorful floral rug in my porch and have gotten many positive comments about it from friends.

  5. Ellen Ribolla says:

    Well, here’s my two cents, Patti:
    Based on so many of your projects, I think our tastes are similar; eg. the pattern on your kitchen curtain project caught my eye before I even realized I was on your website!..just love it!
    I vote for #4. It is very stylish, as well as a floral, which you love, goes well with the grey floor, and you have multiple colors to pick from it, and change out; such as accent pillows, chair cushions, wall decor and accessories. Solids, as well as complimentary patterns will all be great options for you.
    It’s also a cheerful, but not too busy pattern that I really think you’ll have fun working with!
    Perhaps you could look for some fabric options that will help with your decision.
    Good luck, and I can’t wait to see your finished project!

    • Hi Ellen,

      The “Poppy” rug is really nice and I’m sure it would work. I’m not sure if my husband really likes it, though he would probably defer to me anyway.
      Thanks for you vote, I really appreciate all of your input!

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