Bead Project Summer Blogger Challenge

This bead project is part of a summer blogger challenge hosted by Karen of To Work with My Hands. Karen and several other bloggers worked with the same product, to create something new. You can see all the bloggers’ creations at the bottom of this post.

Bead Project – Bejewled Coasters

Coasters close wine glass ~ Summer Bead Challenge ~

As you can see, I made beaded coasters.

Bloom Beads ~ Beaded Coaster ~

Here is the product that Karen challenged us to use, to create something new. I have to admit I wasn’t sure what to make at first. But then I was thinking about sitting outside on the porch, and the outdoors in general, and the idea to create a pretty coaster came to mind.

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In Bloom Beads
White Glue
Long Hat Pin (optional)


First I separated all the different sized beads. I ended up using two packs of beads to make two coasters, and there were leftovers. You could make one with one pack, or use a different design to make use of more beads.

Glue on Coaster ~ Decorated Coaster ~

Coat the outside edge of the coaster with a thick layer of glue.

First layer of beads ~ Bejeweled Coaster ~

Start with some of the large beads on the outer rim.

Beads on Pin ~ Beaded Coaster ~

Here’s a handy tip: Use a large hat pin to string your beads. Then lay the tip of the pin on the coaster and slid them off, all in line. It’s faster than trying to place each bead on the glue line with  your fingers.

2nd layer of beads ~ Bejeweled Coaster ~

Continue placing your beads on the coaster, starting with a line of glue, followed by the beads.

All beads ~ Beaded Coaster ~

I let the coaster set overnight and the next day it seemed pretty solid.

Coaster covered with glue ~ Beaded Coaster ~

Just to be safe, I coated it with more glue, allowing the glue to sink into the nooks and crannies.

One beaded coaster ~ Beaded Coaster Challenge ~

Here’s the completed coaster.

Coaster with wine glass ~ Bead Project ~

There’s plenty of room for a wine glass, and I even glued a few beads on the pin I was using, to make a little wine charm.


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Learn how to make this easy bead project which was part of a group blogger challenge. Beaded coasters for the patio would make a great gift.


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  1. Patti,
    I love your coasters! They would be so pretty on a patio table, soaking up the summer sun.
    The pin tip -brilliant! Hannah will love joining me in this project, and the pin will make it easier for her to work. Actually, it will make it easier for ME to work with them too. 🙂
    Great job – Thanks for being an awesome member of the Challenge team!

  2. These coasters are awesome and what a colorful addition while you relax on the patio. These would be fun to make for the Christmas Dinner table too. I was stumped with this project and haven’t worked with beads since my 30’s. Was fun!

  3. Oh these coasters are such a lovely addition to your outdoor decor.
    They are such pretty beads and will capture the Summer sun too.
    I am going to use your tip on using this type of glue for my next bead project!


  4. Hi Patti,
    What kind of glue did you use? Is it waterproof?
    I’m thinking about those drinks with ice cubes that would soften white glue and let the beads ‘run away’.

    • Hi Ellen,

      I used Elmer’s Glue-All which is supposed to be permanent and resistant to water. I guess if it was setting in water it may dissolve but I don’t think an occasional bit of water will hurt it. However, only time will tell.
      Thanks for stopping by,

  5. These are so pretty, and that’s a great tip about the hat pin! The beads coordinate so nicely with your green wine glasses. Love your little wine charm too, I think I need some of those!

  6. Who wouldn’t want to set their cocktail down on these lovelies! Such a creative use of the beads! You really outdid yourself this time!

  7. Wow, these are so cute. What a creative and wonderful idea. Thanks for sharing.

  8. What a cute idea Pati. I’m on the lookout for some coaster projects and this would be perfect. I think I even have some beads somewhere at home. Pinning.

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