How to Create a Beautiful Fall Foliage Centerpiece from Your Backyard

You really can’t beat the beauty of fall foliage. Spring and summer flowers are gorgeous but I equally adore the dark hues of red, orange and the almost black currently found in the garden. Autumn in the garden has a wonderful warmth and richness that makes it a great time to create a fall foliage centerpiece for your home.

Fall Foraged Centerpiece

 You might be surprised to find that you can create one with materials found right in your backyard including cuts from spent perennials, wildflowers, trees, shrubs and yes, even weeds.

Fall foraged centerpiece plants

The Process

Walk around and cut interesting foliage, flowers, and possibly weeds that have interesting texture and color. Take a closer look at branches from shrubs and trees. I especially love the ones with fruit, berries or interesting seed heads. Also, consider grasses and wildflowers like Queen Anne’s Lace and goldenrod.

Start with a container. This one is going on the dining room table so I want it to be low and wide so that it does not block the view when people are seated.

Give your container some structure to hold the plant material using oasis, a floral frog, chicken wire or simply make a crisscross pattern across the top with tape.

Add water now. If you are using a tall vase consider only filling it part way so that it isn’t too heavy and doesn’t spill when you move it to your final spot.

Start with the larger sturdier pieces first and work your way through by adding more delicate pieces last.

Fall foliage centerpiece

Tree and shrub branches are placed first.

Turn the arrangement around as you go to see it from all angles. Stand back and assess your work. Invariably you will want to tweak the look by adding just a few more pieces here and there to fill in bare spots or to adjust the balance. Just go with your gut and do what is pleasing to you.

Try it. I promise you will love the process and adore the result. The cost is negligible and the reward, great.

Bring the beautiful fall foliage into your home by creating a centerpiece with items from your yard.


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  1. That’s gorgeous, Patti! I see so many beautiful fall flowers and leaves right now. Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. Patti, this arrangement is wonderful and I might just have to try it this weekend although I might have to wander over to the center of our court to gather some oak leaves. Very inspiring, I never thought all these different cuttings would look so good together.

  3. This is just the motivation I need!! This is a gorgeous centerpiece!

  4. Gorgeous! I love doing the same! Just going for a walk in the backyard is my favourite mall. 🙂

  5. The centerpiece is gorgeous. I think I need to take your advice and see what I can come up with.

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