Super Simple Layered Potpourri Jars

This layered potpourri in a mason jar is a fun craft to make with your friends and/or kids. It’s super easy and makes a great gift too. 

Layered Potpourri in a Mason Jar

Learn how to make Layered Potpourri Jars. They are easy and fun to make with your friends and make great gifts. Get a group together to share the costs.

The following directions are just as a guideline. You can change it up anyway you’d like. 

Layered Potpourri Jars - Materials


1 quart sized jar with lid
1 T ground clove powder
2 T ground cinnamon powder
1/2 c. scented botanical (I used lavender)
1/2 c. scented botanical (I used peppermint)
1/4 c. fixative (I used cellulose fiber)
1/4 c. colorful botanical (I used orange slices)
1/4 c. spices (I used whole allspice)
1/4 c. textured botanical (I used hibiscus flowers)
fragrance/essential oil ( I used a floral blend)

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Layered Potpourri Jars - Funnel

Paper Funnel


Start by making a funnel with a sheet of paper and pour in the cinnamon and clove powder. Gently shake to even them out.

Add several drops of the fragrance oil dispersing it evenly on the bottom.

Proceed by layering six different ingredients in the following order.

  1. Scented Botanical (such as: lavender, roses, lemongrass)
  2. 2nd layer of scented botanical material (i.e. mints, rosemary)
  3. Fixative layer (cellulose fiber, orris root, oak moss) Add several drops of the fragrance oil to the fixative
  4. Color (calendula, pearly everlasting, citrus rinds)
  5. Spices (cinnamon chips, allspice, cloves, star anise)
  6. Texture (pods, pine cones, tilia flowers)

Cover with the lid and keep the jar closed for a day or so then open and place it wherever you want to see and smell your creation. Decorate the lid with raffia, your favorite fabric or just leave it the way it is.

Layered Potpourri jars are an easy gift to make with the kids or a group of friends.



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  1. Hi Patti – I love this idea. Where do I get the ingredients? Does a place like Michael’s sell them? – xxoo Sheila

    • Sheila, You can get quart Mason jars anywhere; even most grocery stores, same with the clove & cinnamon. Between Michaels and the a good grocery store you may find what you need but I usually rely on when I want to buy a lot of botanicals and spices. Prices are pretty good. You’ll get more than you need which is why I always encourage sharing with friends. Wish I were closer so we could make them together!

  2. Patti,

    What a great idea! I love this!!!!

    Thanks so much for the Mother’s Day gift idea. 🙂

    Happy day to you friend!

    • Thanks Karianne,
      Mother’s Day is a great idea to put this one to work. Check out for ingredients. Two other ingredients to try are pearling everlasting and calendula flowers. (white & gold) You have such great taste I’m sure you’ll come up with something great!

  3. What a beautifully botanical gift! Very welcoming. Silly question, but do you smell the variety of smells with the layers? Should it be loosely or tightly packed?
    Thank you

    • Hi Lindsay,

      I’m so glad you like them. To answer your question. 1. Yes you can smell the variety but that sometimes depends on the person and more importantly the strength of the botanical and order in which it was placed. 2. I do not pack them in tightly. I think you would need a tool to tamp them down but it is not necessary. Enjoy making them. You can experiment with different botanical and embellishments too.

  4. This is a fabulous idea, Patti. I used to make my own potpourri along with some Garden Club friends. The house would smell wonderful for days afterwards.

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