How to Make a Boxwood Kissing Ball

Since mistletoe is somewhat hard to come by and the berries are poisonous many people make boxwood kissing balls instead of hanging mistletoe.

Learn how to make a boxwood kissing ball in three easy steps. They are fun to hang in your entry and look nice all season long.

 Traditionally people used apples or potatoes as the base but today we use floral or foam balls

Kissing ball materials


  • 3-4 inch floral ball – if you buy a white Styrofoam ball you may want to spray paint it with a dark color so that the white does not show through.
  • A pretty ribbon with a large pin for use in hanging.
  • 3-5 inch pieces of boxwood. They need a trim anyway. You can use other materials too. Japanese Holly look just like boxwood and would work well. Even rosemary or lavender may work but they wouldn’t hold up as well.

Kissing ball

Step 1

Take the boxwood trimmings and pull off the leaves on the bottom leaving 1/2 – 1 inch of stem to place into your ball.

Kissing ball

Step 2

Pin the ribbon to the ball. You may want to dip the pin in a little glue to give it extra holding power. Then start placing the sprigs of boxwood all around starting around the ribbon.

Step 3

Once you’ve completed the ball check for any bald spots and fill in with little leftover pieces of the boxwood.

hanging kissing ball

And there you have it. Hang it your entryway or in a doorway for all to enjoy. This should last throughout the holiday season but if  your air is very dry you can give it a spray with water to help keeping it from drying out. And if you’d like you can pin a little sprig of mistletoe to the bottom. 



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  1. Such a great idea! I’m always looking for DIY decor ideas!

  2. So cute and easy! Will be making one of these for our holiday party.

  3. Such a cute and great idea. I must try this soon.

  4. I love mistletoes (or well, in this case kissing ball haha!) I think they’re so sweet, and yours is REAL. Even better.

  5. I love this so much! It is so cute and I want to make one now for my home!

  6. This would be a great craft for my kiddos! Plus this would be nothing but a plus for me and hubby to take advantage of. 🙂

  7. Love it! I can’t wait to make one. Thanks for sharing Patti!

  8. This is so cute and festive. I would have never thought to make one on my own.

  9. Beautiful kissing ball and I love that you used fresh greenery!

  10. Really cute, I love this for a natural looking decoration.

  11. Hello Patti! I just love your kissing ball! I have some boxwood out front that is in need of a trim, so now I know exactly what to make with it! I would bet, if the sprigs were tucked in real tight, the boxwood would dry as is and could be carefully packed away for next year! Thanks for the tutorial! I found you on Fridays Unfolded where this post is featured!


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