7 Succulent Tips and 5 Succulent Mistakes to Master Echeveria Species, Cacti, and More

This succulent tips article is written by my daughter Emily. She has been researching and experimenting with succulents for a while now, and has some great insights on how to care for these popular beauties. Succulents can make excellent houseplants as well as charming additions to any garden, if you follow their pesky rules. Unlike most… [Read More]

DIY Crate to Rolling Plant Stand Tutorial

During the winter I haul my Meyer Lemon tree from the dining room to the kitchen sink to water it. This is getting to be quite an effort, especially as the plant grows. Watering the tree in the sink allows me to drench the plant weekly, or even bi-weekly during the fall and winter. Over watering,… [Read More]

Indoor Plant Ideas: The ZZ Plant

When you love plants, you want to have them in your home as well as outside. Sadly, houseplants can be much more difficult to grow, especially in low lighting. I’ve written about a few plants that I grow successfully indoors, and today I’m sharing a new purchase, the ZZ plant. The ZZ Plant – Zamioculcas… [Read More]