Refreshing Fruit Tea Recipe

When we lived in Nashville for a short time we enjoyed some of the best fried chicken and barbecue I’ve ever tasted. And of course, I had tasted those delicious items before, to know that these were really good. However, one thing that I never had before was Fruit Tea. Not to be confused with… [Read More]

Handemade Gifts: DIY Gifts from the Gardeners

here are so many resources online today. So much to get excited about. Especially around the holidays. Some of my gardening friends have graciously allowed me to round-up some of their favorite handmade gifts to make from the garden and for the garden. I’m sure you will be inspired by all of them. The first… [Read More]

Herbal Infusions – Part 1: Make Your Own Herbal Tea

If you are growing any mint in your garden you are probably looking for ways to use it. Mint is a rapid grower and take over a garden pretty quick. One great use for mint is to make tea also known as an herbal infusion.    An herbal infusion is a method of extracting flavor… [Read More]