Using Plants & Flowers to Add that Special Touch

Today I am joining a great group of women, who are writing about blogging in their fifties. For me, my piece of wisdom is; trust your gut. Usually I find that if I like it, many others will too. One thing I like to do, is add that special touch to my home and gifts, through plants & flowers from the garden. Most people feel they are too busy to bother with this, but today I hope to inspire you, by showing you easy and affordable ways to share the beauty of nature with others.  Don’t forget to check out what the other fifty and fabulous bloggers are sharing at the bottom of this article.

Plants & Flowers: Add That Special Touch

Read about easy ways to use plants and flowers from your garden to add that special touch when decorating or gift giving.

I love my garden, but I love sharing it with others even more. I often add bits of the garden to gifts, and I’m always looking for ways to use them to decorate my home. 


There are many great candidates for embellishing gifts and incorporating nature in your decor. Leaves, ferns and evergreens are great choices because they will hold up well. Certain flowers like lavender, herbs, roses and yarrow dry well, so they are great choices too.  


If you make any homemade gifts such as canned veggies, jams or pickles, adding a little bit of plant material really dresses up the gift.  This pressed flower candle has a few sprigs of lavender and needs nothing more. Why not try this with something as simple as a bottle of wine?


A little bit of cedar adds nice color to this table setting. Berries, pine cones and other greens work well too. Tie on a place setting or set the plant material on the table, above the plate for a different look.

Learn how to create a tussie mussie for a beautiful gift with meaning.

Have you ever made a tussie mussie?


Tussie Mussies date back to the Victoria Era. They were small bouquets of flowers, each with its own meaning, that told the recipient how you felt. Back then, everyone had their own little code book, but you can look up meanings in the language of flowers, and add a little descriptive card.


Flowers and plants can really shine against simple brown paper wrapping and twine. Also, if you use something like lavender, it acts like second gift. It will dry well, and can be used to scent linens, or placed under your pillow for a restful night’s sleep.

So the next time you give a gift, or invite guests over, go outside first and snip a few beautiful pieces of nature, to add that special touch. 

Trust your gut. If you like it, others will too.

Read about easy ways to use plants and flowers from your garden to add that special touch when decorating or gift giving.


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  1. Those are really pretty. I have some acorns in my front yard and was marveling at how pretty they are. I never thought to use them to decorate with. I love the lavender too! I have a quick question…. do you have to dry them first? It doesn’t look like it but I wanted to make sure. Great post!

    • Hi Denise,

      You definitely do not need to dry your plant material first. I do try and choose those that would dry well or at least will hold up for a day without water.
      Thanks for stopping by,

      PS I love the look of acorns too!

  2. I love this idea Patti – sharing the garden with others is a wonderful thing and those added details on gifts is such a great way to personalize and present. Beautiful!!

  3. What wonderful ideas for bringing the outdoors in and sharing your plants and flowers.

  4. Hello my friend, I went o everyone posts today and yours was the last! Your flowers ideas are always so pretty and its been a pleasure getting to know you! looking forward to the Mason Jar post. Next week

  5. Never heard of tussie mussie but I love the idea! I also love the idea of adding greens to the table setting. Berries, pinecones, etc. will be perfect for the fall season. Thanks for the tips, the timing couldn’t be more right! 🙂

  6. Patti, I love how just a little bit of nature can make such an amazing difference in a present or even a place setting. So happy to have met you through 50 and Fab!

  7. Patti… Your gift is so pretty and I loved your post & ideas! I had no idea of the history of a Tussie Mussie! I have a metal fower holder that was called a Tussie Mussie, we used from my wedding which held my flowers after the ceremony. It was a Victorian inspired wedding. I wish I could get lavender to grow here on the FL coast. Loved yours!

    • Hi Wendi,

      I think your Tussie Mussie holder was exactly the type of thing they used. By the way you should try growing French lavender or Lavandula dentata. It’s great for warmer climates and may work for you in Fla.
      Thanks for stopping by,

  8. Omg, Patti, I’m in love with this post! I’m a huge fan of flowers, but I’m a terrible gardener. I could really learn a thing or two from you!! But I especially love how you’ve incorporated flowers in these wonderful ways, in your life and your home. Lovely photos, too!

  9. What a lovely post, Patti. I had no idea about any of this the language of flowers and so forth. I do however love to bring nature into my home and add as many natural flowers as I can. I may not be able to grow them but I certainly can appreciate them and their use in decorating the home. Thanks for all the great tips.

  10. Trust your gut…a wonderful mantra! And Tussie Mussies…gonna try this! Wonderful post! Love the floral touches…never to small to enjoy!

  11. I love “trust your gut”. That can apply at any age. I often utilize it at estate sales…I like something I see, but can I sell it, but I tell myself, if I like it, others will too. I love your nosegay of acorns & flowers, and the way you have incorporated the flowers in little gifts. I must admit I don’t take the time or trouble, but it makes it so special! I have yarrow in my garden, but didn’t realize it dried well. When I was much younger, I used to gather acorns to use in wreaths I made. Do you realize there are no two acorns alike? Just like people I guess. Beautiful post Patti!
    Florence (another fiftyandfab)

  12. I had not heard of Tussie Mussies either. Your acorns and flowers and beautiful!!

  13. great job at encouraging use of simple, natural items… I love just a few sprigs of rosemary in a vase. Beautiful, fragrant and, heaven knows, if you have a rosemary plant there is always plenty !

  14. So many beautiful ideasmile to incorporate Marie into our decor, I just love your page! We have oak trees with the long acorns. The problem is the squirrels get to them before I can ☺

  15. What gorgeous idea. It really does make a present even more special. I love your ideas and talents. It is also fun to get to know you a little better.
    Have a great week, my friend.

  16. Great decorating tips and your photos are beautiful! I love the use of the acorns. You’re so creative. I’m definitely going to start doing some of these.

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