Bring Some Brightness To Your Home with Spring Topiaries

There’s something about spring topiary that I’ve always loved in home decor. Of course live topiary are great but sometimes they are not practical for indoors depending on you lighting and other factors.

Spring Topiaries

Spring topiaries are very easy to make with a few simple materials and can bring a classic yet modern look to your home decor.


So in an effort to brighten our home and welcome spring, I decided to make a pair.

Topiary supplies ~

I used the pots I painted in my painted pigment pots post, a dowel rod, some Styrofoam balls and some reindeer moss.

First I used hot glue to attach the reindeer moss to the Styrofoam balls. Did you know that reindeer moss is not a moss but a lichen? Apparently deer like to eat it and its branches resemble antlers.

Moss ball

Next I used a little brown pigment to stain the dowel rod and cut it down to the size I wanted.

I placed some more Styrofoam into the pots and used the dowel rods to connect the ball to the pot.

For a final touch I added a little moss around the base of the dowel rod to complete the look.

I like the look of the reindeer moss. It comes in a couple of different shades; this one is chartreuse. I only used 1 1/2 pages to cover both balls leaving small extra for another project.

You could also use the traditional moss that I used to cover the base or even sheet moss but it might be harder to glue on to a round shape.

Other variations include natural wood (a stick from the yard) or even metal stems. Covering the ball with dried flowers or even handmade paper or felt or silk flowers and any type of base you would like. You can also vary the height or have no stem at all.

I hope you are inspired to create your own easy and affordable topiary.

Spring is just around the corner. I can’t wait.





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  1. Those are so cute and definitely perfect for spring! 🙂

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