Painted Pots with Natural Pigment

I was browsing through an old book called At Home with Herbs by Jane Newdick, when I came across a project on painting pots with natural pigment powder. Her pots looked so beautiful so I stopped at the hardware store and picked up some linseed oil and an ordered a pigment kit from

Painted Pots

Pigment Pots with Orchid ~

I’ve read that linseed oil is often used to seal terra-cotta floor tiles. I was also interested in the fact that the book said the finished look would be a nice matte look which will wear away naturally leaving a nice patina.

pigment powder ~

All I did was mix the linseed oil with some of the pigment powder. It was a little messy. I used disposable sponge brushes and plates, packing papers and paper towels.

Painted Pigment Pots Materials

It was really interesting how quickly the pot absorbed the mixture of oil and pigment powder.

According to the seller these pigments are non-toxic and environmentally safe and mined from quarries in France.

Blue Pigment Painted Pot ~

I’m excited to see how they wear with time and if the linseed oil helps them retain more moisture.

Have you painted terra-cotta pots?

I must admit I do love a great looking aged terra-cotta pot but it was fun to mix it up.

Sometimes you just need a little color.




Learn about painted pots using linseed oil and natural non-toxic pigment powder on your terra cotta pots. They age really well and create a nice patina.


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  1. How neat are these…love it!

  2. How much of the oil and pigment do you use..

    • Hi Linda,

      What I did was place some of the pigment on a plate and some oil next to it and mixed it until a got a nice consistency that wasn’t too thick or so thin that it would drip. Also, it seemed like each pigment was different. For example the blue was very strong and wanted to come off on the pot but the others were not like that. Maybe that mineral doesn’t work with this method.

  3. How have they weathered? Any pictures? These look gorgeous and I’d guess they look even more interesting after a few years.

    • Hi Zora,

      A couple of them have not left the house. I used them to create topiary and the haven’t changed. One that I did use outside has faded some but not much, and still looks good to me.

      Thanks for stopping by,

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