Make Your Own Catnip Mice

Cat with catnip mouse

I have an indoor-outdoor cat. She was a stray that my girls found 14 years ago. At first we tried to keep her indoors but she would cry and cry to get out, so we gave up and let her out. All this time she has enjoyed the outdoor weather, especially the gardens. However, the weather has been so cold this winter she can’t go out, even for ten minutes on the porch. Let me tell you she is so bored. She cries for my husband and I to play with her and we do, but she can get pretty rowdy with her claws so I’m a little tentative. Instead I decided to make her some new catnip toys to help to enjoy for next couple of weeks until the weather warms up.


scraps of fabric
embroidery floss
dried catnip

The Process

Remember when you were a kid and they taught you how to cut out a heart by folding a square in half and drawing half a heart on the fold? That’s how you start the mouse.

Catnip Mouse Pattern ~

Next take some embroidery floss for the tail and place it in the fold with the majority of it on the inside.

Catnip mice tail ~

Hand or machine sew along the edge leaving a hole in the middle to put the catnip in. Then turn it right-side out.

Catnip Mice Funnel ~

Pour in the catnip using a funnel.

Sew up the hole.

You can add a few stitches for a the eyes and nose, or use a permanent marker, but your cat probably won’t care, so you can skip that step if you want.

Catnip Mice ~

I also tried simply using a small zigzag stitch on the outside which allows you to skip turning the fabric and I think it looks cute. I used a contrasting thread so you can see it in the picture. These were all light-weight fabrics. I thought they would be best so the cat would be able to smell the catnip easily.

Cat with catnip mouse ~

I think she likes it.


Catnip mice collage

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