Growing Microgreens: An Easy Harvest in Just 10 Days

I decided to try growing microgreens as a fun winter gardening project. It’s a little too soon for seed starting in my area, so why not grow some indoor greens to harvest. I remember tasting bean sprouts as a kid and I never really liked them. However, I realized that microgreens taste nothing like bean sprouts.

Growing Microgreens

Growing microgreens is an easy and fast gardening project that you can harvest in about 10 days.

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The basic difference between the two is that with sprouts you are eating the seeds and stems that typically grow in water. Microgreens are grown in soil, and are snipped off at soil level. Here you are eating the leaves and the stems. Also, sprouts can be eaten in just a few days where, microgreens take 10 – 14 days to harvest.

Growing micro greens using seed starter soil mix.

Steps to Growing Microgreens

Start with a nice soilless potting mix, or better yet, a seed starter mix. You can find this just about anywhere. Many times seed starting soil and some everyday potting soil is very dry and dusty. It’s always a good idea to wet the soil before planting seeds. Just make sure it’s not soggy, but just enough to come together.

Salad green seeds are great for micro greens.

I purchased this bag of basic salad  mix for my microgreens, but you can use almost any vegetable seed. Herbs like basil are easy to grow. Also watercress, pea shoots or even melscun mixes.

Jiffy pans and take out clam shells are great containers to use to grow micro greens.

You can use different types of containers. The one on the left is a simple clam shell from a take out salad bar. The one on the right is a Jiffy seed starting tray that came with a dome.

Cover micro green seeds lightly with soil.

All you need to do is liberally sprinkle on the seeds, and then lightly cover with more soil.

Use a mister to water in the micro green seeds.

Use a spray bottle or mister to water them and cover. Place them in a really sunny window or under  artificial lights.

Micro greens sprout in only three days.

 This is what they looked like after only three days. Continue to mist the microgreens when the soil looks dry, about once a day.

After ten days the micro greens are ready to harvest.

At ten days they are ready to be harvested. Just snip them off just above the soil. 

Toss the remains in your compost and start again. Easy, huh?

The one thing I would change is, the amount of seeds I scattered. I think I could have used more seeds for a more dense harvest.

Micro greens are a great alternative to lettuce.

These microgreens are great for topping salads, and garnishing just about any dish, but my favorite way to eat them is on sandwiches.

Micro greens on a turkey sandwich.

They add great flavor and you know you are eating a super fresh, nutritious and healthy food that you grew yourself.

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  1. How fun – I love sprouts but I use about three times that many on a sandwich. LOL
    I’m gonna have to look in to this, growing up I use to grow alfalfa sprouts all the time and loved the taste and simple crunch. I bet these have an good flavorbecause of that rich green color.

    • Hi Carole,

      They are fun and I was way to skimpy with the seeds so it is very possible to get a whole lot more greens for your sandwich. 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by,

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