Nature Inspired Fall Mantel

Do you enjoy the beauty of nature? I do. Sometimes, I even find the weeds beautiful. Okay, maybe not when they are strangling my favorite plants, but a few are quite pretty. That’s why this year I have a nature inspired fall mantel.

Fall mantel inspired by nature

For example, I’ve been pulling this one out all summer long. It’s shallow-rooted and therefore easy to pull out, but it seems to be everywhere.

Bidens connata, aka purple-stem beggarsticks

However, recently I found it camouflaging itself amongst my Viburnum ‘Summer Snowflake,’ and the interesting thing is, it had turned a beautiful purple. I think I have identified it as Bidens connata, also known as purple-stem beggarsticks, an annual weed found in the eastern parts of the U.S. and Canada.

Acorns in vase

Since I often enjoy using plant material from the property to decorate my home, I thought this purple-stem beggarstick would be a nice addition. So I cut a bunch of it to use in a couple of milk vases on my mantel. I also gathered a bunch of acorns and heated them for a couple of hours in the oven to kill any insects, and placed them in vases with candles. Center stage is a white pumpkin, surrounded by a few pretty gourds. A simple fall mantel decorated with nature.


Do you use natural materials available in your area? What is the most surprising plant material that you have used to decorate your home?

Nature inspired mantel for fall is a great affordable way to bring the beauty of nature into your home.




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  1. Patti – this is simply stunning! The way you captured the light in the photos is wonderful.

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