Pulmonaria: A Beautiful Spring Bloomer with an Awful Name

You know it’s spring when the daffodils and tulips are in bloom, and the forsythia proudly display their blast of yellow. However, another lesser-known beauty, often seen at the first sign of spring is a pretty little perennial, called Pulmonaria, aka lungwort. Pulmonaria aka Lungwort Lungwort, its common name, is an herbaceous shade loving perennial… [Read More]

Cuckoo for Cranesbills – Hardy Geraniums A Favorite in the Garden

I’m a little addicted to hardy geraniums, also known as “cranesbill?” If you haven’t grown them yet, I just may persuade to pick up a few. For those that have, maybe you’re infatuated like me, and will enjoy my take on this lovely perennial plant. Hardy Geraniums Not Your Grandmother’s Geranium The name cranesbill comes… [Read More]

Growing Daylilies – A Must Have in the Garden

Growing daylilies is a must for any flower garden and there are several reasons why. These fine gems are perennials, and who doesn’t love a plant that comes back faithfully every year. They are extremely hardy. Even with the extreme cold we had here in Pennsylvania the last couple of years, the daylilies remain unfazed. And… [Read More]

An Heirloom, A Collectors Favorite & A Must Have for Beginners – The Bearded Iris

Definitely on my list of favorites is the bearded iris. I first fell in love with one that used to grow in my grandmother’s garden, an heirloom variety called Iris pallida. Bearded iris are part of a huge iris family,  with over 200 species and countless hybrids that date back to ancient Egyptian times.  … [Read More]