2017 Plants of the Year: Great Choices for the Garden

The 2017 plants of the year are some of the best places to get ideas for new plants. These are plants that each garden association choose every year. The great part is, they are typically some of the easiest most versatile plants you can grow in the garden. 

2017 Plants of the Year

Learn about the plant of the year and color of the year from the top associations.

I have been following the Perennial Plant of the Year picks, chosen by the Perennial Plant Association for years. Sometimes I already have that particular plant growing in the garden, but if not, I usually pick one up. They have consistently been good performers in my garden.

Asclepias tuberosa common butterfly weed as the perennial plant of the year.

This years choice is Asclepias tuberosa, commonly known as butterfly weed. Asclepias tuberosa is praised for its ability to attract pollinators like butterflies and bees. It is also known as the host plant for the monarch butterfly, whose caterpillar feasts on the leaves of this pretty native.

Cilantro is the 2017 herb of the year.

The International Herb Association has their own “Herb of the Year.” This year they chose Cilantro/Coriander as the 2017 herb of the year. Cilantro is referring to the leaf part of the plant, while the seed is considered coriander. Both are great for cooking though some dislike the flavor, I love it. Learn more in this post called Cooking with Herbs – Cilantro.

2017 plants of the year chosen by the National Garden Bureau

The National Garden Bureau chooses four plants each year. One bulb, one annual, one perennial and one edible. This year they have chosen the daffodil, pansy, rose and brassica family which includes plants such as broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower.

2017 plants of the year.

The American Hosta Growers Association has picked, Hosta ‘Brother Stefan’ as the Hosta of the Year.  The picture above is similar but it’s a variety called ‘June,’ and the colors are reversed. You can see an nice example of ‘Brother Stefan’ here in Carolyn’s Shade Gardens. This one is on my list.

Zinnia and beans plants of the year from the home and garden association

This last pair comes from The Home Garden Association who has chosen the Zinnia and the beans as their plants of the year for 2017.

The Pantone color of the year for 2017 is Greenery.

Finally, I wanted to share with you Pantone’s color of the year called “Greenery.” Could there be any other perfect color for the garden?

If you enjoyed this post and are looking for more easy to grow plants, try this post I wrote last year about the plants of the year for 2016.

Plants of the year are always a good option for reliability and success in the garden.

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  1. I’m ready for this! I absorb the colors of the garden, they feed my soul. I was just out shopping for some pops in silk to brighten up my office. I have lots of Hostas and the one you feature looks similar to one of my elephant ear ones. Thanks for sharing, I had no idea there were perennial picks of the year

  2. Nancy Dorin says:

    I love your site! I never miss it. I just wish someone would create cilantro that will tolerate heat!

    I hope I can find the this butterfly weed!

    • Hi Nancy,

      You should be able to find butterfly just about everywhere this spring as many of the large nurseries will follow the “perennial of the year.” If not, you can easily mail order one. It may see odd to mail order plants but I have done it many times and have never had any trouble.
      Thanks for stopping by,

  3. What a wonderful plant list! I already have asclepias tuberosa, but would like to add other varieties! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  4. I am getting so excited for the spring to come so I can plant some of these amazing flowers. Very nice post

  5. Can not wait to start planting at our new home! Pinning and sharing. 😉

  6. Hi Patti!
    I’m familiar with a lot of those plants. Especially like the butterfly weed & have it here in my yard. Sadly it’s underneath my knock out roses, so it’s not getting enough sun, but I do love it. Didn’t realize it was important for the Monarch butterfly.
    Very interesting post! I’m a gardener too, but arthritis has prevented me from getting out there as much as I used to.

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