DIY Attractive Wooden Boot Tray For Your Foyer

Have you seen these pretty wooden mats that some are using for their welcome mat? Some are put together with rope or beads, and I have always admired them. Here in the north, it can get pretty messy in the winter. We have a boot tray in our laundry/mud room right off the garage, which is great for messy boots. However, we really needed one at the front door for guests, which is why I attempted to make an attractive wooden boot tray for our foyer.

Wooden Boot Tray

Wooden boot tray for your foyer.This particular tutorial is quite easy. We did not take the rope or bead method, instead I went with an approach similar to this one from, but I didn’t even use screws or nails, and I only used two boards on the back.

Materials to make wooden mat insert for boot tray.

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Basically all you need to do is buy a nice plastic boot tray. Maybe you already have one.

Plastic boot tray.

This one does the job, but it’s not that pretty, and, although it has a little raised pattern, let’s face it, the shoes still sit in the mess.

Set up pattern for wooden slats.

So we found 14 feet wood pieces and cut them down to fit the tray. They also sold also smaller width pieces about 1/2 inch in size but I thought they looked too small. Two more pieces were cut to add the bottom to hold it all together.

Wood glue on cross piece to hold wooden mat together.As I mentioned before, I did not use nails or screws. I simply used a strong wood glue. Now, here a mistake I did make. I should have put the glue on the individual slats, not the cross piece. Why? Because the glue will show in between the slats. It’s not really noticeable but I’d do it differently next time.

Adding weight to glued wood pieces.

Books act as a clamp and were left there overnight.

Finished wooden boot tray.

After the glue dried, I used some poly wood stain to give it a more finished look.

Boots on wooden slat mat in plastic tray.

Now, when our guests come to visit, I’ll have a pretty wooden boot tray for their shoes to dry off, right next to the front door.


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  1. This is what I really need instead of just where ever because when I come inside the cowboy boots come off and just land. I’ve got my work boots and then nice boots because I’ve found them to be the most comfortable shoe ever. Like this idea!!

  2. Fantastic! You must have read my mind. New carpeting has been installed in my apartment and I have been so worried about any stain. Shoes and boots especially when you come in from the rain. The boot tray are ugly and right now I have clear mats from the Dollar Store. Just emailed this to my daughter so we came conspire to make this project. I don’t have a mud room as you come from outside right into the foyer. I have seen the trays in clear and thought I could paint it the same color as the carpet and it will pretty much blend in. Great project.

    • Hi Sandra,

      I’m so glad you like. Of course there are many options out there. I believe the one from Behr used garden stakes. I looked for them but didn’t see anything that I liked. I’m sure you and your daughter will find the perfect solution.
      Thanks for stopping by,

  3. I am so doing this. I look at my black plastic tray near the front door and wonder “How could I dress it up?” This is perfect. I am going to get some wood and try it. Pinning!

  4. Barbara Trapp says:

    Gosh, At first I thought you meant a food tray! All you need are a couple of holes drilled on the side outside wood pieces, add rope handles. Maybe stack and glue 2or3 wood pices to the top and bottom to keep dishes from sliding off. What a perfect tray for outside eating!

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