Full Sun Planter Ideas

Recently I showed you some tips and ideas for a shady planter. Today I’ll show you my favorite full sun planter ideas, along with a few other tips. Growing a lush and beautiful planter in full sun is easy. There are many choices at the nursery, so it helps to have a game plan in mind before you go.

Full Sun Planter

Plant list for video

Salvia ‘Black and Blue’ – 1
Stock ‘Harmony Purple’- 6 pack
Calibrachoa (million bells) Minifamous Double Pink Vein 3 – 4 in pots
Alyssum ‘Clear Crystal White’ – 2 – 4 packs
Lobelia ‘Palace Blue’ – 6 pack

Here’s what this planter looked like in the middle of the season last year.

Last Season Sun Loving Container ~ Full Sun Planter ~ gardenmatter.com

Container Tips

I like to plant in large containers. Typically fiberglass and plastic these days, because the industry is producing really pretty ones for today’s market. They hold up well, are easy to move, and help retain water longer, so that you don’t need to get out the watering can or hose everyday.  Larger planters also means that your plants will have some extra room to grow and pull moisture from. Finally, larger means more plants, resulting in a very beautiful and lush planter.

Basic formula and my favorites for sunny spots

Salvia Black & Blue ~ full sun planter ~ gardenmatter.com

Thriller| – One tall plant for the middle or back (if your planter is going to be up against the wall.)
Salvia (shown),  Angelonia, Grasses like purple fountain grass

Trailing Verbena ~ full sun planter ~ gardenmatter.com

Filler – Several mid -sized mounding type plants, to plant around the tallest or directly in front of it.
Supertunia, Verbena (shown), Stock , Geraniums

calibrachoa ~ full sun planter ~ gardenmatter.com

Spiller –  Trailing or vining plants to spill over the edge.
Calibrachoa (shown), Lobelia, Alyssum, Lantana, Vinca Vine

More Tips:

  1. Don’t be afraid to crowd the flowers into the container. For the short amount of time they will be growing, usually 4-5 months the tight space will not make a difference.
  2. Make sure you leave about an inch of space between the soil and the lip of the planter so that water does not run over the edge.
  3. My watering schedule is every 3 days, with a good soaking, preferably in the morning. If it rains (not just a passing shower) you can skip watering. During the peak of summer, or if you live in a very hot climate with many days in the 90’s, you may have to water more often.
  4. Consider adding a slow release fertilizer to your potting soil like Osmocote.
  5. The choice is yours but I believe choosing colors in a similar hue is more pleasing to the eye. I tend to favor cooler colors but if you prefer warm tones, there are tons of reds, yellows and oranges, many in the varieties listed above, that will work just as well.

Creating a full sun planter is great way to relieve stress and enjoy the beauty of nature. Gather your flowers and plant a stunning planter for everyone to enjoy, the entire growing season.

Learn how to create a lush and vibrant container with these full sun planter ideas. Which containers to use, plants to purchase, and how to arrange them.

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  1. Great post and very helpful Patti.. I’m still learning when it comes to creating planters. Each season I get a little better and agree that deep planters offer the best success. I have some real pretty ones right now that are doing amazing and I believe it’s due to the size of the container. Also having great luck with mixing perennials and annuals. I’ve agree with fertilizing, I’m using our llama tea which has been great. There is definitely an art to establishing beautiful planters. and you’ve nailed it. Very Lovely.

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