DIY Bed Pocket Caddy

I was talking with my daughter about dorm rooms. I wanted to know what some of the “must haves” were for a new student. You see, my niece is going to the same university this fall, and I wanted to give her something special for graduation. I decided on a DIY Bed Pocket Caddy because as it turns out, she chose a singe dorm room just like my daughter did freshman year. And, as you may imagine, a single dorm room is tiny so you need to be creative with your storage.

DIY Bed Pocket Caddy

DIY Bedside Pocket Caddy

When my oldest went off to college we bought her a bed caddy, but I thought it would be nice to make one with pretty fabric. Of course, we will be giving her a nice envelope of cash, but I always like to add something a little personal to my gifts. Especially for a close family member like my niece who also happens to be my husband’s goddaughter.

Materials - DIY Bed Pocket Caddy


I used left over fabric from my DIY Roman Shade post, but if you want to go out and purchase some ,you will need:

1/2 yard of the main fabric (print shown above)
1/4 yard of liner fabric (light blue in pic above)
coordinating thread
basic sewing tools: machine, pins, scissors, measuring tape

Fabric Pieces - DIY Bed Pocket Caddy

Step 1

Cut out your fabric pieces.  You will need 6 pieces total.

Two 26 in. by 11 in.h pieces of the print.

One piece measuring 14 in. by 10 in. of both fabrics for the large pocket.

One piece measuring 9 in. by 8 in. for the smaller pocket. 

Small Pocket - DIY Bed Pocket Caddy

Step 2

Start by making the small pocket. Place right sides together and sew a seam all the way around leaving 2-3 inches open for turning. Turn right-side out and press. Then top stitch the top of the pocket.

small pocket sewn to large pocket - DIY Bed Pocket Caddy

Step 3

Pin the small pocket to the printed piece of the large pocket and stitch along the sides and bottom. Run an additional line of stitching about one-third of the way in from the edge, from the top of the pocket to the bottom, to create another pocket.

large lining piece pocket - DIY Bed Pocket Caddy

Step 4

Sew the large lining pocket piece to the large printed pocket with right sides together at the top. Flip over and press. Top stitch the top of the pocket.

Pockets sewn to main piece - DIY Bed Pocket Caddy


Step 5

Pin the pocket to one of the long main printed pieces with the lining side facing the right side of the main piece, at the bottom.

pin all pieces together - DIY Bed Pocket Caddy


Step 6

Pin the last long print piece to the one with the pocket, with right sides together.

Leave an opening for turning - DIY Bed Pocket Caddy

Step 7

Sew along the entire outer edge, leaving about a 3-4 inch opening for turning. 

Turn right side out and press. Top stitch the edges on the sides above the pocket and the top.

DIY Bed Pocket Caddy on table

I know these are great for students but I think I might like one too. Sometime I have too many things on my night stand. A book, a bottle of water, my glasses, earrings that I forgot to take out, the list goes on.

Now that I’ve made this lovely diy bed pocket caddy, I just might have to make a couple more.


This diy bed pocket caddy is easy to make and is a great gift for a collage student who is short on room in the dorm. A step by step guide shows you how.


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  1. I like this idea – would use it for my phone also my alarm clock. Great tutorial you made it so simple. I may have to finally purchase a simple sewing machine. I have the basic skills for small projects.
    Love that fabric so pretty!

  2. That is such a fun project! Love the fabric you chose!

    Happy day friend!

  3. Andrea Methvin says:

    I have made 2 of these in the last day and a half. One for me, and one for my nephew. Thanks for the great tutorial.

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