Dried Hydrangea & Seeded Eucalyptus Centerpiece

Here’s a closer look at our centerpiece from the Christmas Home Tour. I knew I wanted to use some of the pretty dried flowers from my hydrangea bushes this year.

Hydrangea & Eucalyptus Centerpiece

Also, I kept being pulled to the many vintage and rustic boxes I noticed all over the blogosphere. So when I visited a new vintage store that opened in my area, I found the perfect box that had a little grey-green patina and was just the size I was looking for to adorn our dining room table.

Vintage box filled with glass candles and floral foam

So I filled the box which floral foam to hold three glass candles. Then I gently placed the dried hydrangea in and around the candles.

Dried Hydrangea placed first-- centerpiece

Next, I added some left over cedar from some of the other decorations in the house.

Dried Hydrangea and Cedar While shopping in the Strip District with my sister and friend Lisa, we found some beautiful fresh seeded eucalyptus from California.

seeded eucalyptus close-up

The vendor said it dries well, an added bonus since I will be making this quite a few days early.

Dried Hydrangea, Cedar & Seeded Eucalyptus centerpiece

So I finished the look with the eucalyptus which did a great job filling in the container and adding that casual airy feel that I love. Originally I thought I’d use some pine and juniper cuttings from the yard but I couldn’t pass up the chance to have something a little unusual for this Pennsylvania gardener in the home.

Put together a beautiful centerpiece with an old rustic box filled with candles, dried hydrangea, ceder and seeded eucalyptus.

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