Gardening Indoors: 3 Ways to Use the Beauty of Glass

When gardening indoors consider adding a little glass to your decor. It helps shield the most tender of plants and adds a nice sparkle to the room. Here are three different ways you can add glass to your home with the beauty and living greenery of plants.

3 Ways to Use the Beauty & Benefit of Glass

Learn about the beauty and benefits of glass for indoor gardening


Cloches are bell-shaped glass covers used to protect plants outdoors from cold weather due to early and late frosts. Some say they originated in Italy however the bell shape is known to have come from early 17th century  France. It’s no wonder that the name ‘Cloche’ comes from the french word for bell.

Cloche covered primrose - Beauty & benefits of glass for indoor gardening. ~

Today most people use plastic covers and other translucent containers to protect their plants but glass cloches are still used in many homes for their beauty in decor. They are great for protecting delicate plants indoors and help to trap in the moisture. Just make sure they don’t get too warm. If they do remove the cloche for a while. I purchased mine at a craft store but there are many other places you can by your own cloche. Here’s a nice article on some different modern cloches on the market today at Gardenista.

Hyacinth Glass/Vase

Hyacinth vases have been around since the 18th century when hyacinths took over for the tulip as the latest trend in decor. These hour-glass shaped vases are made specifically for forcing bulbs, allowing the roots to grow in the bottom portion without the actual bulb sitting in the water which would cause it to rot.

hyacinth vase - beauty & benefits of glass for indoor gardening ~

Once again the glass allows the light to reflect in the room and through the window adding a little sparkle. These vases come in a variety of colors and be found in garden shops and many places online. Here is a cute trio on Amazon – Hand Blown Vases.  Hyacinth bulbs do need a chilling period but tend to bloom within a few weeks once the roots are established. You can buy them already “pre-chilled” or you can place them in the refrigerator for 12 weeks before preparing them to bloom.


There are so many lovely terrarium containers on the market now. Some of them are like a mini-greenhouse and some are simple glass jars. Terrariums are incredibly easy and fun to make. I made this one from a jar I found at Bed Bath and Beyond last year and I haven’t had to do anything to maintain it. You can find my tutorial on how to make your own terrarium here.

Terrarium - Beauty & Benefits of Glass for Indoor Gardening ~

Terrariums can be open or closed. Mine is a closed with ferns, begonia and a little moss. Succulents, air plants and other cacti would be more suited to open terrariums. Did you know that terrariums were originally called Wardian cases named for the London physician, Dr. Nathaniel Ward? I wrote a short piece about them last year. You can read more about Dr. Ward here.

So there you have it. Three ways to use glass for beauty and benefits to your indoor garden. Even if you don’t grow plants, of course you must, but if you don’t, you can use cloches and terrariums to show off your non-living collections. Give them a try, and enjoy the sparkle.

Learn 3 great ways to use the beauty and benefits of glass for your indoor gardening and home decorating needs.

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  1. I think I’m going to go and buy some little flowering plants today! As I read your post, an idea clicked to help me with my indoor plant dilemma. My cat chews on all live plants. So, I’ll put them under a cloche that I have AND the apothecary jar that held some Christmas themed items. Thanks so much for the inspiration. Hmmmmm, I’ll have to find red blooming plants so I can call them Valentine’s Day Decorations!

    • Hi Susan,

      Now you’re thinking and I’m jumping for joy because this is exactly my goal.
      To inspire others.
      Thanks for stopping by.
      Love the V-day idea!

  2. Those are great ways to bring a little bit of green into winter. I really love terrariums!

  3. Hi there…I love your closed terrarium. I live in Montana, so any added green in these months is a welcome addition. However, living here, it is often difficult to find things like ferns and begonia in the winter. Where would you advise getting plants from?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Kelli,

      You can sometime find them at home depot and lowes. Amazon also carries many plants. Search for terrarium or miniatature gardening plants, or fairy plants. It’s a lot of fun. Mine is still going strong after 3 years with no effort!

  4. I’ve never used hyacinth vases, but I’m so intrigued! I love the sweet hyacinth fragrance and to have them indoors would be so wonderful. I love the beauty of sunshine-filled glass too – what a great concept to add sparkle to the winter indoor environment. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Hi Karen,
      Around here you can sometimes find them growing in the vase for sale which is so nice because you can keep the vase for next year. Of course I agree that their scent is wonderful and can permeate the entire room.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  5. I would love to try a terrarium, but don’t have the guts.

    • Oh Kirby,
      You have to try it. Especially the kind with a lid because it is so cool to have the plants continue to self water with condensation. I have touched my in months and it’s still going strong!

  6. So pretty Patti…these photos make my heart happy!

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