Make an Inexpensive Herb Garden in a Burlap Sack

Make an inexpensive herb garden in a burlap sack. The perfect portable gift for those who like gardening and cooking. It can be set near a door for easy access, so you can snip what you need quickly, even if it’s raining outside. Today’s theme for Tuesdays in the Garden is Mother’s Day garden-themed gifts and I hope you will enjoy this one.

Herb Garden in a Burlap Sack

How to make an herb garden in a burlap sack.

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Materials for burlap herb garden tutorial.


Burlap Sack
Cotton Rope
Potting Soil


Bottom of burlap sack.

To create a bottom simply gather the corners of the bottom of your burlap bag.

Corners of burlap sack sewn together to create bottom.

Using a large needle and sturdy thread, (I used a thin twine), sew the tips of the corners and through the bottom of the sack.

Top of sack folded down in half

Next, because this particular bag was so long, I folded it in half and then flipped it inside out.

Add grommets for handle.

To add some rope handles use grommets to give the bag a nice look, and to hold the cotton roping.

Cotton rope handles through grommets.I tied a double knot on the inside of the bag to secure the rope.

Note: When this project was complete I realized that the handles were not strong enough to lift the bag properly, however, they do look pretty. 

Herbal graphic on inkjet.

For an added look, you can print out the word Herbs on an inkjet printer and apply it to the bag.

Herbal graphic on burlap bag.

It came out pretty light when placed on the burlap.

Label herbs in wreath filled in with sharpie pen.

I used a sharpie to fill in the graphic.

Herb Graphic for burlap herb garden.

You are welcome to use this one. Simply right click to save, copy or print. If you create your own don’t forget (like I often do,) to reverse the letters in a mirror image. I use wax paper taped to a piece of card stock that I run through an inkjet. The ink sits on top of the wax, and then you can flip it over and press it onto your burlap, wood or other material.

Plastic nursery cell packs for filler in bottom of planter.

Even with the bag folded over this was still a large container so I added a bunch of old plastic nursery cells to fill in the bottom of the bag.

Chives in biodegradable pot.The herbs I purchased came in these pretty biodegradable pots. 

Chive plant removed from pot.They will break down, but I personally like to remove them before planting.

Herbs planted in burlap sack.

I chose thyme, chives, oregano, flat-leaf parsley and cilantro because they are popular for cooking. 

Herb garden in burlap sack on patio.

Basil would be another great cooking herb, but it is a little too early here to plant basil which hates the cold weather. I may consider switching out the cilantro, which hates the hot weather, with basil down the road.

Herb garden planted in a burlap sack.

It’s perfect for a small space, even a balcony. The burlap allows the water to seep right through but this works for herbs who typically enjoy well drained soil and arid climates. I think any mom who enjoys gardening or loves to cook with fresh herbs would love an herb garden in a burlap sack.

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  1. This is an awesome project Patti and I love that you choose herbs, this is perfect for Mother’s day.. Placing it on a terra cotta saucer would also look neat.. Always enjoy your creativity simply awesome!

  2. What a CUTE idea! Burlap is such a cozy rustic material. Perfect for a mobile planter and porch decor too. How handy to find your herbs right next to the kitchen door.

  3. I adore this fun gardening gift and project. It looks so rustic, I love the look of burlap and twine. My mom would love something like this. She loves having herbs close by for cooking! Such a great idea Patti!

  4. This is completely adorable! What a fun gift idea. 🙂

  5. Such a great project Patti. I love how it looks and I love your tip about adding the empty nursery containers to the bag. I do the same thing with my big pots to keep them from being too heavy to move. Fresh herbs are so nice to have on hand. With this project, you can have fresh herbs for cooking for a lot less expensive than the small store bought containers of fresh herbs.

  6. What a beautiful project, Patti. I might have to try this soon! <3

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