Homemade Spice Mixes: BBQ & Ranch

Sometimes it’s fun to make your own signature spice blends. This year I made a BBQ rub and a Ranch spice mix to give to my friends, family, co-workers and those who have touched my life throughout the year.

Spice Mixes

I used to buy pre-made rubs for by BBQ dishes and the ever popular packaged ranch mix but recently I have experimented with making my own. The barbecue is pretty much a no brainer. Most the combinations I tried were pretty good. The ranch was more difficult. The tough part was getting the right consistency. This recipe will make a great tasting ranch dressing but it’s rather runny. I thought about adding xanthan gum as a thickener but I wanted to keep it simple. So if you like your ranch extra thick you may need to try adding a thickening agent or maybe just more mayo.

Ranch & BBQ

I’ve included a couple of free printable labels in case you were interested in making your own. No need to reinvent the wheel. These labels were created Microsoft Word format for use with Avery 22808 labels. (I removed my logo) Click on the label you want to download.


BBQ label

Ranch label

I also created  a fun tag (2-in. x 2.5 in.) also in Word format, that you can use for all your gifts:

Christmas Tag


The Recipes:


Ranch Mix

Spice Mix Gift



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  1. Mary Minard says:

    Love both of these recipes, but especially the ranch dressing. Great idea!

  2. This is such a creative gift! I think my family would love receiving this for a Christmas gift! Thanks for sharing on the Monday Funday Party! Pinning to our Pinterest group board.

    • They are a big spoiler alert for my family and friends this year. They now know what my “handmade gift” is due to the blog. Oh well, I wanted to get it out there for others that may want to make them for their family and friends. Thanks for pinning!

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