New Addition: A Patio Pond for the Screened Porch

What could be more relaxing than the sound of a water fountain on your patio or porch? I’ve always wanted a pond with water lilies, but never had the space, or energy to build one in the garden. Luckily I found out that there are patio ponds on the market that are perfect for a small space. In fact, I thought this would be the perfect element to complete our screened porch makeover.

A Patio Pond

Patio Pond - next to couch

This post is sponsored by Aquascape who also provided me with this wonderful patio pond and bamboo fountain, but the content and opinions are all mine.

Inside of Patio Pond

This patio pond comes with a shelf for marginal plants and holes to thread cords from pumps and filters.

It even has a notched out area at the top edge to hide the electrical cord. 

Side of Patio Pond

I chose this pretty round green slate option, but they come in 3 different colors and sizes. There’s even a square one for a more modern feel.

Patio Pond - FountainThis bamboo pouring fountain makes the most peaceful sound. It also provides the added benefit of constantly moving the water, to keep the insects at bay.

Patio Pond - close to love seat

I didn’t add fish because my cat, Sweetie, would probably destroy the whole pond trying to get at the little creatures. Oh, but you can have fish in the pond. Aquascape sells the proper filters and just about anything you would need to create the perfect pond for fish and plant life.

Pond Plants


Buying water plants for the first time was so much fun. There was a really nice lady at the nursery that helped me pick out the right plants. 

The beautiful dark elephant ear and a yellow canna are in the back.  On one side I added a pitcher plant that should grow a bit taller, and will lure any insects into its pretty trap. The other side has a complementary, beautiful red water dock that reminds me of swiss chard.

Patio Pond - water lily bud

Of course I just had to have a water lily. This is a yellow one with pretty mottled leaves, and has one bud that is just about to open. The lady at the nursery said that they are not hardy in this area, but that I could place it in a cooler full of wet sand over the winter.

Patio Pond - on screened porch

Now I have a great place to sit and relax, listen to the water, and enjoy a good book or a nice glass of wine with some great company.

Come on over and join me!

A patio pond can be the perfect solution for those who love the sound and beauty of a water feature but are limited on space.




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  1. Oh I love this idea! I didn’t realize you could add different things like the bamboo fountain. That is a really nice addition. Do you think you can buy water plants in the nursery? Love the lilies too!

  2. I love this idea and the bamboo fountain is perfect. SO simple and would look cute next to our tiny house when we move. Great idea – I’m envisioning a couple chairs on either side too. I so love a fun outdoor space.

    • Hi Carole,

      So glad you like the patio pond. They have a nice variety to choose from and it may be the perfect addition to your new home. I like the idea of two chairs surrounding the pond. Very peaceful.
      Have a great week!

  3. How wonderfully relaxing to sit and hear the gentle trickle of water – and such beautiful plants too! I’d probably get nothing done all day long! Just gorgeous, Patti.

  4. I miss the relaxing tranquility of the Koi pond we built at our previous home-this would be the perfect solution without all the work! Love the bamboo fountain and the plants you chose look so lush and pretty!

  5. Patti, your Patio Pond looks amazing! I love the variety of plants you chose, along with the tip for over-wintering the water lily. The red dock adds just the right shot of color. So pretty!

    • Hi Jennifer,

      It’s a really nice product. I was surprised at how many different plants I was able to squeeze in, as I am one of those people who like to have one of everything. I can’t wait for the lily to be in full bloom and to see how the others grow as well. In the meantime I’m enjoying them as they are and the soothing sound of the water.

      Thanks for stopping by,

  6. I am in love with the pond, I will have to check this out! in more detail, I am running out to the Haven Blogging conference and wanted see this amazing garden pond!

    • Hi Maria,

      So glad you like the pond. It’s really nice to sit and look at and listen to. Have fun at Haven. I hope to go next year then maybe if you are going again we can meet in person.
      Have a great weekend!

  7. I didn’t even realize something like this existed! I’ve been thinking about a water feature in my back yard, but it would have been too far from our seating area. Thanks for sharing this. Gives me some options to think about!

    • Hi Susan,

      I’m so glad you like it. We are really enjoying it and I could not believe how many plants actually fit in such a small space. You know how I love to have one of everything. 🙂

      Have a great weekend!

  8. This is just beautiful Patti! I love the sound of running water, and this seems like the perfect option for a smaller space. The plants are so pretty too. Pinning!

    • Hi Meredith,

      I couldn’t believe how nice this small water garden worked on our porch and that I was able to fit so many plants in it.
      The sound of course is wonderful too.
      Thanks for stopping by,

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