How to Make Easy Drop Cloth Cushion Covers

If you’ve been following this blog, then you know that I’ve been working on sprucing up our screened porch. One issue I was dealing with was two many colors, and no cohesive design. So one thing I did, was to change the look of the couch by recovering the cushions with drop cloth fabric.

Easy Drop Cloth Cushion Covers

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I really like the neutral look of cotton drop cloth material. It has a nice relaxed casual feel that works well in a porch setting.

Old Couch Color before Makeover

Here’s what the couch looked like before. It was pretty, but I wanted to get away from the red an go with a more neutral color palette.

Old Cushions on table

Interestingly enough these cushions have a wooden frame, that allowed me to recover them, just like you would a seat cushion on a chair.

I could have covered them individually, but I wanted to try making them one big cushion, which would be a lot easier, and would take less time.

Stapled batting on three cushions

I started with some batting and wrapped it around all three cushions at once, and stapled it into place. This helped cover up the edges and gave the now single cushion a smooth look.

Cover with drop cloth and staple

Then I followed the same procedure, stapling the drop cloth fabric (after it had been washed and dried) over top of the batting.

How to Make Drop Cloth Cushion Covers

I definitely like the look these drop cloth cushion covers. The price can’t be beat, running just about $20. I was also able to make a couple of pillows from the same drop cloth to cover the bright red pillows that used to adorn the couch.

A simple inexpensive way to change the look of  a space without a lot of effort. Stay tuned for the final reveal of the entire porch.

It's pretty easy to make drop cloth cushion covers for your couch or chair. The cost is very affordable and the result is a nice neutral casual feel.



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