How To Make Leaf Print Drop Cloth Pillows

These leaf print, drop cloth pillows ,were so easy to make, and though I wish I had a artists hand that could draw beautiful leaves, the beauty of nature works just as well. 

Leaf Print Drop Cloth Pillows

Leaf Print Drop Cloth Pillows

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Cotton Drop Cloth
Pillow Inserts or old pillows you want to cover
Craft Paint – in a few varying colors
Fabric Painting Medium
Paint brushes
Leaves of any kind

The Process

Leaf Print Pillow Pinning the Drop Cloth around Shell

Wash and dry the drop cloth material.

Wrap some of the drop cloth around the pillow and pin in place. I find this works better for me than measuring and cutting.

Make sure one edge (right side here) is about the seam allowance you want, so once you are done pinning, you can take out those pins to remove the pillow for sewing. Also, I always fold the material over the pillow so that there is one less side to pin cut and sew.

Trimmed Pillow - Drop Cloth Pillow

When you are finished pinning you can trim the excess fabric.

Open edge of pillow - Drop Cloth Pillow

Remove pillow, and sew, leave about 1/2 of one side opening for turning and to have enough room to stuff the pillow back inside. Press fabric if needed. I wasn’t worried about this paint leaking through the fabric but if you are using a lighter fabric you may want to put a piece of paper between the front and back just in case the paint bleeds through.

Fabric Medium - Leaf Printed  Drop Cloth Pillow

Next prepare a plate with shades of green paint (I also used black) and fabric medium.

Leaf with paint - Leaf Printed  Drop Cloth Pillow

Coat the back of a leaf with the different shades of paint.

Back of leaf - Leaf Printed Drop Cloth Pillow

I used Begonia grandis leaves because I liked the shape and the veining on the back.

Print with Brayer - Leaf Printed  Drop Cloth Pillow

Flip it over and use the brayer, starting from the middle, and roll out in all directions.

Single Leaf Print - Leaf Printed  Drop Cloth Pillow

Carefully remove the leaf to reveal your print.

Test leaf prints - Leaf Printed  Drop Cloth Pillow

Test a few color options and the amount of paint on a piece of scrap fabric, to get a feel for the brayer and the look you like best.

Leaf Printed  Drop Cloth Pillow Covers

I also added a stem free hand with a thin paint brush.

I ended up making two of these to cover the pillows on my screened porch as part of the makeover we are working on. Stop back later this week to see the reveal.

DIY Leaf Print Drop Cloth  Pillow Covers

How to Leaf Print on Drop Cloth

You see, even if you don’t have an artists hand, you can use the beauty of plants to make a pillow like this one. I really love the way they turned out. An easy, and cheap way to spruce up our porch.

This is a tutorial for making leaf print drop cloth pillows. It's a great way to allow the beauty of nature help you create a work of art.


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  1. Simply BEAUTIFUL!

    Patti, which rug did you decide on on your screen room?

    • Hi Ellen,

      If I remember right you were a fan of the floral but I had to compromise and go with the first one. I will be showing it all on Thursday. Thanks as always for your kind words and for stopping by,

  2. Hi Patti

    Which is better to use, real leaves or artificial?

    • Hi Lisa,

      I have only used real leaves, however I don’t we why artificial wouldn’t work. I’d look for one that was nice and flexible. If it is too stuff it might be harder to work with. Test it on a piece of paper or scrap fabric to get the feel of it.
      Good luck and have a great weekend,

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