Screened Porch Makeover Reveal

You know how they say your home is always a work in progress? That’s how I feel about this screened porch makeover. We were able to clean it up quite a bit, and it does look much better, but it still feels like a work in progress.

Screened Porch Makeover Reveal

Porch Reveal - Coffee Table with couch

This is a glimpse of what it looks like now. Light and fresh with coordinating colors and fabrics.


As you may recall from my affordable rug post, this house came with wall to wall outdoor carpet. It’s pretty ugly and I’m embarrassed that it took us so long to remove it.


The cement underneath had some major cracks, and lots of glue for us to clean before we painted it.

Porch Reveal - New Rug

This is the rug we decided to go buy. It was the most affordable, and I’m thrilled at the way it ties the room together. 

The color is more of a gray-brown, taupe(?), and it works well with the green print in my cushions and tan wicker.

Porch Reveal - Loveseat and Pond

We painted the floor with two coats of Behr patio paint in “Intellectual.” It looks a lot darker on the paint chip than it does on the floor. One thing I’ve noticed when painting. A really dark color tends to look lighter on the wall, or in this case, on the floor. The opposite also seems to be true. A fairly light color actually looks darker when painted on the walls.

Porch Reveal - Patio Pond

This special new patio pond is wonderful for both its beauty and sound, and fits in perfectly next to our loveseat.

Porch Reveal - rocking chair

Of course I added a few other plants including my over-grown Rex begonia, which could use a little extra sunlight this time of year.

Porch Reveal - Fern and ValanceWe hang Boston ferns in this room every year. They always add a nice fresh look to the space.

Porch Reveal - couch with side chairs

The red couch didn’t quite fit in, so I updated it with a more neutral look, by covering the cushions with drop cloth fabric. The pillows were covered too, only I gave them a little personality with a leaf print in varying shades of green, to coordinate with the other cushions.

All in all it looks much better, though I would like to do something with all the brown trim and faux paneling. For now, we’ll just sit back, enjoy the space, and invite a few friends over while the weather is nice.

Screened Porch Makeover Reveal


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  1. Patti this looks nice, behr paint is my favorite I’ve been using it for years. Funny since our first home and that was back in 1998, the floor looks so much better painted! Again that beautiful water feature love that. I get the work in progress, it’s the perfect description of a home.

    • Hi Carole,

      We are fans of Behr too. Just seems to work really well. I also agree with the painted floor and wished we had done this years ago.
      Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!

  2. VERY nice, Patti!

  3. Beautiful porch!!!

  4. I love that garden fountain in the porch! IT something I would love to make!

  5. The makeover turned out so nice. I bet you are enjoying all of your hard work and living out there.

    • Hi Debra,

      Thanks for your kind comment. We are enjoying the porch a little. The weather has been a little crazy here but I think it will start to cool down soon and we will be able to enjoy it more.
      Have a great week!

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