DIY Easy Bottle Garland for Everyday Flowers

I love walking in the garden, but also enjoy fresh flowers in the home. Especially if we are entertaining, I always have a few vases and arrangements on the tables. I sometimes even place a small vase in the powder room. Recently, I saw this bottle garland for sale online, made up of the cutest little vases and thought, “How pretty would this be in a kitchen? How about my office window?” So when Hobby Lobby was have their glass items at 50%, off I picked up 5 cute bottles, and some silver wire to make my own bottle vase garland.

DIY Easy Bottle Garland

Close up of flowers in bottlel garland ~ Bottle Garland ~

It couldn’t be easier to do.

Materials ~ Bottle Garland ~

I bought the bottles and silver beading wire from Hobby Lobby.

Command Hook ~ Bottle Garland ~

Using  Command Mini Hooks placed on the sides of the windowsill, I attached the wire by making a loop.

Wrapping wire around bottle ~ Bottle Garland ~

Then I wrapped the wire around the neck of each bottle 3 to 4 times, leaving a few inches between each bottle.

Purple Stock in bottles ~ Bottle Garland ~

Once I got it to the length and curve I wanted, I cut extra to make another loop so that it could be connected to the command hook on the other side of the window.

A $4.00 bouquet of purple stock was more than enough to fill the vases, and they look so pretty.

This would make a great gift, don’t you think?

This DIY bottle garland is easy to make. For less than $10 you can hang this from any window and place cuttings from your favorites flowers to display.



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  1. Love this idea! Going tomorrow for supplies so I can make one. Thank you!

    • Hi Joy,

      So glad you liked it. Some people are worried about the command strips. This has been up for almost two weeks and hasn’t fallen yet, however, you could use those pretty screw like hooks but that would permanently place holes in the window. I personally wouldn’t mind that but didn’t have any at the time. Also, someone mentioned that dollar tree may have these supplies. May be worth a look. Have fun and thanks for stopping by.

  2. This is so cute, I may have to do something like this in my kitchen. Love that you filled them with stock, it’s a favorite here.

  3. So adorable! Looking for small bottles now!

  4. Patti – you are so creative!! I love this idea!

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