Easter Lilies and a Centerpiece

Easter lilies can be seen being sold on street corners and in markets all over the place at this time of year. In reality this plant, Lilium longiflorum, normally blooms in August and September. In fact, you can plant your Easter lily after all danger of frost, and you will likely get another bloom period in late summer.

Easter Lilies and a Centerpiece

Easter Lily side ~ Easter Lilies ~ gardenmatter.com

Lillies a sunny location and like many other bulbs need to be planted deep, about six inches beneath the soil.

Easter Lily plant ~ Easter Lilies ~ gardenmatter.com

It should bloom again next year although with the harsh winters we’ve been having who knows. If you’re worried you can treat it like other tender bulbs and dig it up and store it in a garage or basement in the fall and replant next spring.

Easter Lily flower ~ Easter Lilies ~ gardenmatter.com

Since I am having a small group at my house this year for Easter I though it would be fitting to make a pretty arrangement for the table showcasing the Easter Lily – a symbol of hope and life.

Bonus: They’re fragrant!

Easter Lily Centerpiece

Using the white McCoy bowl I just bought I placed some chicken wire in the bottom. I also picked up a bunch of pussy willows and some pretty wax flowers for filler.

After placing the chicken wire inside your bowl fill it with water.

Then start with the lilies.

Fill in with the wax flowers.

Add the pussy willows for contrast and texture.

To top it off I add a few hellebore that have been blooming in the garden.

Safety note: Keep away from cats as lilies are extremely toxic.

Here’s a picture of the arrangement on the patio. I like to work outside when possible because it’s easier to clean up the mess.

Easter Lily Centerpiece ~ Easter Lilies ~ gardenmatter.com

In the dining room.

Easter Lily Centerpiece indoor ~ Easter Lilies ~ gardenmatter.com

Another view that shows off the hellebores.

Easter Lily & Hellebores ~gardenmatter.com

I hope you all have a very happy and blessed Easter.




Learn about Easter lilies prevalent in the spring. Also a tip on an easy way to create a table centerpiece with them or any flowers.

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  1. Lovely flower arrangement! And great advice to plant the bulbs of the lilies in the garden. This way you get more for the coin and can enjoy the lilies again in the autumn.

  2. Dorothy says:

    Have you had any trouble with the substance that comes off lily stamens? I have ruined several shirts when preparing lilies for a centerpiece. How do you get that stuff off your clothes?

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