Egg Carton Flower Garland for Your Holiday Decor

This tutorial for an egg carton flower garland is super easy. You do have to save as many cartons as you need for your string of lights. In may case, I used a 70 bulb string of lights, which more than filled our large mantel. That meant having six egg cartons to save.

Egg Carton Flower Garland

Learn how to make this easy egg carton flower garland for you holiday decor. This garland works great with greens, and is pretty enough to stand on its own.

We do eat a lot of eggs but if you don’t perhaps you know someone who would gladly give your their cartons.

Cardboard Egg Carton for Flower Garland DIY

This is an example of the type of egg carton that was used for this project. I’m not sure if the styrofoam egg cartons would work with this project. Mostly because I would think that they would be hard to paint, and I like the rustic look of the cardboard.


To start, cut out all of the individual egg compartments.


Next, cut a V shape at each of the four corners.


It’s already starting to look like a flower.

Egg Carton Flower with rounded edges

All you need to do now is round off the pointed edges.


Poke a hole in the middle from the bottom to fit to the lights.


Test for size. If a pencil doesn’t work, try a phillips head screwdriver.


Then spray paint your flowers in the color of your choice. You can do this before you poke the holes. I did some before, and some after.


Then simply fit them on your string of lights. They fit nice and snug, so I didn’t even bother with glue. 

Egg Carton Flower Garland on Mantel

This egg carton flower garland looks great with this fresh cedar, however I think it’s pretty enough to stand on its own.


I really like how it adds a nice pop of red to our mantel. I could see this flower garland framing an archway, or around a door frame. Of course you can make it your own, by changing the color, adding glitter, or using different colored lights.

Another thrifty project which costs next to nothing to make. Most of you probably have, or have access to egg cartons, an extra string of lights and paint hanging around the house. All that is left is a little bit of your time and you can have this pretty garland for any festive event.

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  1. love it

  2. So very Clever…. First glance I had no idea you used an egg carton – very well done my friend. Neat idea and I like it mixed in with the cedar garland. I’m doing very few projects this Christmas because with the house up for sale wasn’t even sure how much decorating I should do. I miss it but I’m saving all these ideas for later. Great project!!

    • Hi Carole,

      You definitely have a pass this year with selling your home and next year you will have your calendar full of ideas so no worries. I’m so glad you liked the garland. I saw something similar in the summer and thought this would be great for our Christmas mantel. I cut them out at night while we were watching TV and made a mess but I was pleased with the end result.
      Have a wonderful week!

  3. The garland is beautiful. I would have never figure out that the flowers were made from egg cartons!

  4. I love this idea, Patti! What a great, and quite beautiful, idea for adding some color and light to a holiday garland. I can easily see these in pastel colors for Easter, too! Brilliant!

  5. This is so very lovely. Not this Christmas but on my list for next year. Two dogs and 2 cats on my lap at night means I do all my crafting during the day.

    • Hi Jody,

      I have one cat and she is 16 and doesn’t like to sit in my lap. 🙁
      Mostly she will sit in front of me on the coffee table and beg for food.
      She’s area entertainment.
      Thanks for stopping by,

  6. Patti, that is the cleverest thing I’ve seen in a long while!!! I LOVE it! I will be posting to my FB page, so come on over & “like” & re-share it! (Scheduled to post tomorrow, 12/8). Pinned too.

  7. Clever and pretty. I love recycled projects.

  8. I’d completely forgotten, seeing this has reminded me. My Nan used to make daffodils from crepe paper and use egg boxes for the trumpet bit. Such a great idea to reuse something and make it into a lovely and inexpensive decoration. thanks.

  9. The garland looks beautiful on the mantel. Very creative. Thanks for sharing on Sunday’s Best.

  10. That looks SO nice!! I wish I had one of those!!

  11. This garland is so cool! I love it! My husband always asks me why I am keeping “garbage” in the basement – little does he know that my egg cartons could make something this cool! Ha! Pinned and sharing. Thank you for joining us at Family Joy Blog Link-Up Party.

  12. Such a cute idea! I made little egg carton Easter baskets a few years back and adore them, too.
    Merry Christmas to you!

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