Gardening Indoors: 7 Terrific Terrariums

Think you have a black thumb? Try a terrarium. I made this a year and a half ago, and I swear I haven’t watered or touched it.

Learn how to make a terrarium from 7 different sources

Now, it probably needs to be pruned a bit, but how amazing is it that I don’t have to water it. That’s the beauty of this terrarium. You can see the tutorial here.

What about other types of terrariums? I’ve asked some of my blogging friends to share their terrific terrarium ideas and am sharing them with you here today.

The first is a Succulent Terrarium  from Lovely Greens. Everyone is in love with succulents, and they make good terrarium plants too, but they need air circulation. In this article, Tanya teams up with Ashley Bentley, a creator of beautiful terrariums, to show you just how she makes her little works of art.


Next is from Sensible Gardening with a Closed Terrarium similar to mine, and she does an excellent job of explaining the water cycle process.


Another closed terrarium by Barb at Our Fairfield Home and Garden,  shows us how to embellish with her Rustic Cottage Getaway in a terrarium. Great for those of you who love miniature gardens.

Our Fairfield Home and Garden Cottage Getaway Terrarium

And now for a little on the unusual side we have Garden Therapy with Terrarium Night Lights. What a wonderful idea using a waterproof LED light to give your container a little glow.


I love this thrift store DIY by Kim of The Kim Six Fix. Her Thrift Store Chandelier Terrarium is so clever, you’ll be scouting thrift stores to make some for yourself.


Last but not least for those of you plantophobes,  why not just create a fun scene in a glass container, like this super cute Spooky Halloween Terrarium from All For The Boys.



Seven different tutorials on how to make a terrarium for indoor gardening.


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  1. Great ideas – There is something about glass, dirt and rocks that just looks neat together. That bottle is terrarium is fun, making three in different sizes would make a nice indoor display.

    • I love the idea of three bottle terrariums. Great idea Carole! And I totally agree with you about the texture of glass, dirt and rocks. Add a little green and you’re in business!

  2. love all the terrarium ideas… thank you

  3. Really enjoyed reading and seeing all the different takes on terrariums. Thanks!!

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