Handmade Pressed Flower Jewelry Dish

Recently I came across this pretty ceramic soap dish made by Salt Marsh Pottery. It was one of the items we used to sell at the herbal gift shop. As I was looking at it I wondered if I could make a little jewelry dish from polymer clay.

Pressed Flower Jewelry Dish


Pressed Flower Jewelry Dish ~ gardenmatter.com-2


So I went out to Hobby Lobby and purchased some clay and a plastic kit with a roller and cutter.

Learn how to make your own jewelry dish from polymer clay and fresh flowers.

I went outside to pick a few flowers, rinsed them well and let them air dry.

In the meantime I went to work on the clay. I don’t have a special tool to condition the clay for rolling so I sat in front of the TV and used my hands to knead it until it was soft and pliable. This was the hardest part and took me about 20 minutes.

Learn how to make your own jewelry dish from polymer clay and fresh flowers.

I rolled out the clay on some parchment paper until it was about 1/4 inch thick. Then I placed some of the flowers on and rolled it gently into the clay to make an impression. I gently removed the plant material and used a pin to lift out any stragglers.

Next I used a plastic round container to trace out a circle and cut it out. I placed the clay into a small oven proof bowl that I bought at the dollar store. I had read somewhere that you shouldn’t use your regular utensils or dinnerware when working with polymer clay.

The directions on the particular clay I bought said you needed to bake it at 300 degrees for 20-30 minutes. While I was waiting I went to work on conditioning a second piece of clay.

Learn how to make your own jewelry dish from polymer clay and fresh flowers.

Once the clay was done baking I let it cool, and then turned it upside down on some paper towels and tapped on the bottom until it fell out. Then using some heavy sandpaper I sanded off any rough edges. In the future I think I would sand even more.

Geranium Dish~ Pressed Flower Jewelry Dish ~ gardenmatter.com

Using craft paints I carefully filled in the impressions to match the real flower. Once the paint was dry I added a nice clear varnish to give the entire piece some shine and protection.

Forget Me Not ~ Pressed Flower Jewelry Dish ~ gardenmatter.com


I think they turned out great. I am no artist, in fact, I always admired those with an artistic hand. I’ll admit they are a far cry from the fine craftsmanship at Salt Marsh, but sometimes it’s just fun to do it yourself. And, I think with some planning and practice, this project could only get better and better.

Do you ever go to bed with earrings on? I hate getting out of bed but worry about losing studs if I place them on the nightstand so this jewelry dish is the perfect solution. It would make a great gift, don’t you think?


Learn how to make your own jewelry dish from polymer clay and fresh flowers.

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  1. I love this project! I’m not artistic in the least when it comes to painting art, but maybe I can do this. Thanks for the tutorial!!

  2. I think these turned out beautiful! I’ve been wanting to make some little bowls like these to hold my earrings. I like how you used flowers to imprint a design. Thanks for sharing your tutorial.

    • Thanks Linda. They were fun to make and I definitely want to try them again when I have more time now that I’ve made a couple.

  3. These little dishes are perfect! Love these!

  4. Are these safe to wash or eat from? Also, what type of varnish/sealant did you use/recommend?


    • Hi Ashley,

      I don’t believe that polymer clay is suitable for eating off of. These were meant to hold earrings and rings etc.. Also, I used a varnish that was sold with the craft paints. I simply painted it on the dishes once the colored paint dried. You could probably also use spray varnish.
      Thanks for stopping by,

  5. michelle doolittle says:

    I just made one! I trimmed around the circle with scissors, which turned out nice and clean edges. Also, I used small “fake” flowers and it worked out great! love yours!!

  6. adorable!

  7. Melissa S says:

    They look fantastic. My mom will be visiting i June., I think this would be fun, grown up craft to do. Thank you for the instructions.


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