How To Make A Living Herbal Wreath

Living Herbal Wreath

This is another easy project that makes a great gift or something that you can use to adorn your home. I have used herbs in this project, but you can also use annuals. Just keep in mind that low-growing and trailing plants work best and think about the level of sun in the area where you want to keep the wreath when choosing your plants.

Living Herbal Wreath


  • 12-14 in. concave wire wreath frame
  • large bucket
  • 20 gauge green floral wire
  • 2 – 4oz. bags of sheet moss
  • soilless potting mix
  • 3-5 low growing or trailing herbs in 4 inch pots.

Living Herbal Wreath

  1. Soak the sheet moss in a large bucket of water for approximately 15 minutes.
  2. Gently squeeze the excess water from the moss and lay it underneath the wreath frame.
  3. Fill the frame with soil. I used a soilless mix with slow-release fertilizer already added in.
  4. Attach the wire to the frame. Gently pull the moss around the sides and top and wrap the wire around to have the moss cover the frame and soil. Continue working around the wreath with the wire every 2 inches.

Living Herbal Wreath

  1. Start at the top of the wreath and plant the herbs by cutting a slit into the wreath parallel to the wires. Use your fingers to make a hole and carefully push the plant in. Continue planting the other plant, spacing evenly around the wreath.
  2. Place the entire wreath on the ground and give it a good but gentle soaking. You can also soak it in a large container if you have one.
  • Smaller plants work best. If you can, buy plants in small cell packs, or try and split them apart. This works well with most thyme and some oregano.
  • The wreaths can be hung on a wall or placed as a centerpiece
  • Always consider the sun needs of the plants, as most herbs require full sun.
  • Trim the plants and use them in your cooking from time to time to keep them neat and tidy.

That’s it. Now you have your own herbal living wreath that you can hang by the kitchen door for easy access or give it as a gift to your favorite culinary guru. They are sure to love it.



Living Herbal Wreath

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