Makers Mix Concrete Mini Planters

My cousin Michael Assisle, aka “The Glueologist,” sent me a new product he is working with from Beacon, called Makers Mix Concrete. He also sent me one of their sweet little molds, so I thought it would fun to make a couple of concrete mini planters.

Concrete Mini Planters

Makers Mix Planters - Makers Mix Pots with plants

These were a breeze to make. You still needed to be careful by wearing gloves and a mask, but the process was much faster than my hypertufa project Not exactly the same, but similar.

Makers Mix Planters - Materials


Makers Mix
Makers Mix Mold
Measuring cup
Plastic spoon
Face Mask


Makers Mix Planters - No Food Materials

Look around the house for an old plastic bowl and extra 1 cup measuring cup and mark them “No Food,” as you will not want to use these for anything food related in the future. You could also pick them up at the dollar store.

All you need to do is mix up the Makers Mix Concrete in a bowl with water according to the directions. I was able to make two pots and there is still some left over. 

Then just pour the mix into the mold.

Makers Mix Planters - Weighted Mold

Tamp down on the table to remove any air bubbles, and then weigh it down for about 30 minutes before un-molding.

Please Note: Get rid of any excess product by wiping out your bowl with paper towels and throw them in the trash. Do not try to rinse any leftover product down the drain.

Makers Mix Planters - Unmolding Planter

Here’s what it looks like after 30 minutes.

Makers Mix Planters - Planter straight from mold

Here’s what it looks like flipped over, 24 hours later.  To top edge is a little rugged which I like, but you can easily smooth it out with sand paper, or a metal file.

Makers Mix Planters - Planter after 24 hours

At this point you can also paint your pot. They also sell pigment colors that you can add to the wet mix for a little added color.

Makers Mix Planters - Planter with pebbles

These pots do not have any drainage holes, however you can place some pebbles on the bottom to help prevent root rot. Activated charcoal would be another great option.

Makers Mix Planters - Maiden Hair Fern in pot

A fern like this Maiden Hair would be a good candidate for this pot, because it likes a good deal of water and doesn’t need a lot of sunlight, so you can put it in a variety of spots indoors and out.

Makers Mix Planters - succulent in plastic pot

Another plant option would be a succulent which typically has a shallow root system.

Makers Mix Planters - succulent with some moss

Here a little trick: Keep the plant in the its original container and cover with moss.

Makers Mix Planters - succulent potted with moss

This way you can take out the pot and water as needed, leaving the pot in the sink or somewhere to totally drain, and then place it back in the concrete planter.

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Makers Mix Planters - Makers Mix Pots side by side

I really love the way these mini concrete planters turned out. Talk about instant gratification. 30 minutes is a super fast amount of time for this concrete to set up.  Having to wait only one day to paint or use them is another bonus. 

Hmmm I think I have a perfect spot on the windowsill in my office for these two beauties.

Concrete Mini Planters

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  1. That’s a great tip about the container…. you are so good at that stuff! Love how these turned out. You make me want to have more plants in my life.

  2. These came out great! Love how you made two different style plantings, the possibilities are endless! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Where do you find this product

  4. Love, love, love this! I want to make one. I have a huge patch of moss if you need more!

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