Pine Cone Christmas Tree for Your Holiday Home

This is another throw back to my herbal gift shop days. A Styrofoam base, plenty of hot glue and a bag full of mini pine cones are all you really need to create a pine cone Christmas tree.

Pine Cone Christmas Tree

Learn how easy it is to make a pine cone Christmas tree.  Just a few materials are needed to create this rustic, piece for your holiday tabletop display.

Here I have made two pine cone Christmas trees. As you can see I did add a dowel rod for the trunk and planted them in a cute little clay pot. However, you could forego the trunk and the pot, because the trees look really nice on their own.


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Styrofoam Cone(s)
Mini Pine Cones
Small Clay Pot
Floral Foam
Kraft Paper 
Moss to cover foam
Dowel Rod or Branch for trunk


We have a whole row of Eastern Hemlock trees separating our property and the house next door. We also have some at the back of our property, so  I have been gathering bags full of these cute little pine cones for a while.

The Process

All you need to do is start at the bottom of the cone and run a line of hot glue about 2 inches long.

Then place your cones on the glue as close together as possible.

Continue around the cone, gluing small sections at a time. 

Then move up just above your first row, again gluing small sections at a time, until the cone is completely covered.

You can stop there. I didn’t. I added a circle of craft paper to hide the bottom of the cone, and added a dowel rod to act as a trunk. A branch from the yard would work just as well, maybe better.


Next I white washed a couple of clay pots. They were pretty but I wanted a more rustic look, so I used a few different shades of green and brown to make them look old and mossy.


Pieces of floral foam were inserted into the pots to hold the dowel in place.


The cones were so top heavy, so I added a few pennies inside to weigh them down.


Then I covered the floral foam with a little left over sheet moss.


Here’s a close up of the cones. Can you see the hot glue strands? I’m still working on removing them. They are hard to see, but the camera picks up everything. 😉


I paired them with a tray of scented pine cones and ceder in our foyer, along with a few ceramic birds, and our Christmas Card tool box. 

This pine cone Christmas tree project has that natural beauty that I love to decorate with, and though delicate, the trees should keep for a long time.




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  1. Beth Stansell says:


    I love your beautiful, practical, easy ideas. I love using nature’s gifts when it comes to decorating especially for Christmas. Thanks for sharing another wonderful idea again! Very much enjoy your blog.

  2. Simple and beautiful and adding the pennies was a smart solution. Those pine cones are hard to find and they’re so fun to work with. Back in my floral shop days we ordered them and used on smaller indoor projects like bird cages or birch birdhouses. Loved working with them but I really like how you turned them into trees. The finish on the pots is excellent too I’m thinking I may try that technique on a piece of wood. Everything you do Patti is so lovely..

    • Hi Carole,

      I know what you mean about the pine cones but we have them in abundance here so I’m using what I have. I’m sure you know that you can buy them in bags online but I’m hoping this tutorial inspires other to try this or some other material that they have access to. Faux moss painting on wood is a super idea. Can’t wait to see what you create.
      Thanks as always for stopping by and your very kind words,

  3. I am loving this DIY Craft you did Patti! It looks amazing. Thanks for joining us at the DI & DI Link Party, we love having you.

    Merry Christmas!

  4. I love these pinecone trees. I’m a lover of pinecones, and try to incorporate them into my Christmas displays. Thanks for sharing on Sunday’s Best.

  5. Thanks for sharing at the Inspiration Spotlight party. Shared. Happy Holidays!

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