Repurposed Hanging Basket into Storage Basket Stand

Today I want to share with you how I repurposed a hanging basket, as part of blogging group challenge. For this one we were asked to purchase the same 3 tier hanging wire basket, and repurpose it into something new. At first I thought about making a hanging planter, but then I thought that may not be much of a challenge, so I decided to make a basket stand for much needed storage in my office.

3 Tiered Basket Stand

Filled 3 tier wire basket stand sq ~ Repurposed Wire Basket Stand ~

We have a great Ace Hardware store nearby. This local store has a little bit of everything, items are easy to find, and the customer service is great. So one evening my husband and I went on a hunt to find items to create a basket stand.

Hanging Baskets Before ~ Repurposed Wire Basket Stand ~

Here’s what the purchased hanging basket looked like.

Materials ~ Repurposed Wire Basket Stand ~

We found a rod that would fit through the holes at the bottom of each basket. Then we looked for nuts and washers to hold them in place on the rod.

Close up of gasket and fitting ~ Repurposed Wire Basket Stand ~

Then we had to find a base give it structure and balance. This took awhile. I was pretty picky about what I thought would look and work best. Finally, my husband found this great looking gasket. I really like the shape and color of it. Then we just had to find the right fittings to put it all together.

Primed Pieces ~ Repurposed Wire Basket Stand ~

I primed the rod and baskets first, but not the gasket because I liked they industrial look it already had.

Close up of nuts and washers ~ Repurposed Wire Basket Stand ~

Then I put it all together with a washer on either side of the basket, and a nut after the washer, to hold each basket in place.

Assembled Stand ~ Repurposed Wire Basket Stand ~

After I had it assembled I noticed that the rod was too tall so we cut it down a bit with a miter saw.

Completed Stand ~ Repurposed Wire Basket Stand ~

Then I tightened up the nuts, covered the base with masking tape, and I had fun with a few different cans of spray paint. I used an aqua, a green and a grey color.

I love they way it turned out. ♥

Close up of filled 3 tier basket ~ Repurposed Wire Basket Stand ~

It’s perfect for storing all of my twines and tapes, which I normally have all over the house.

Filled 3 tier wire stand ~ Repurposed Wire Basket Stand ~

This would be great for all kinds of storag,e like craft paint, and even the original fruit and veggie use the basket was designed for, but more on display in this pretty basket stand.

Now, let’s see what the other bloggers did with their baskets.

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Learn how to re-purpose a hanging basket into a 3 tiered basket stand with a few hardware pieces. It's looks great and helps to organize yours supplies.

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