Fall Gardening – 5 Steps to Consider When Bringing Your Plants Inside for the Winter

If your temperatures outside are regularly dipping below 60 degrees, it’s time to start thinking about bringing plants inside for the winter. I usually bring in my ferns, begonias, and scented geraniums, and this year, I will be bringing a dwarf Meyer lemon tree that currently has 12 lemons on it. They are all still… [Read More]

Pruning Perennials: Fall or Spring?

Do you cut back your perennials every fall? Maybe you’re a neat and tidy person, who cannot stand the idea of messy foliage past its prime. Maybe you’ve been taught that pruning perennials in the fall is the correct way to prepare your garden for next year. Well here’s my secret. I don’t trim my perennials… [Read More]

Growing and Repotting Orchids It’s Easier Than You Think

When it comes to repotting orchids, you need to watch out for a few keys points. Orchids are so beautiful and delicate looking but did you know how easy they are to grow. Especially the Phalaenopsis hybrids which you can now buy readily at the supermarket and big box stores. You may have seen some… [Read More]

3 Matters to Consider when Preparing for Next Year’s Garden

Every year in the fall I assess my garden by walking around, taking pictures and making notes in a small note book. I do this because come spring many of my plants have died back and I won’t remember what the garden looked like. You can certainly make changes now but I find that it … [Read More]