Engaging Spring Ephemerals

Spring ephemerals are mostly perennial wildflowers that appear when the weather warms up, soaking up the sun before the trees and other plants have a chance to leaf out.  They grow rapidly, bloom and then go dormant, all in a period of six to eight weeks. I personally find them a welcome sight for sore… [Read More]

Make a Mini Moss Garden Centerpiece

We have a lot of moss growing on the property. This moss is a great free addition to pots and terrariums, and you can even use it to create a mini moss garden centerpiece for your spring decor. It’s similar to the very popular and adorable fairy gardens you’ve seen online. This one has a cute little nest… [Read More]

Crazy Winter Weather: What Does it Mean for Gardeners?

I live in southwestern Pennsylvania. Typically winter starts here in November, and spring starts in late March or April, even though we sometimes still see snow as late as mid-April. This year however, in December, we had near record breaking warm temperatures, and no snow until January. On Christmas Eve, we hosted the family for… [Read More]

Pruning Perennials: Fall or Spring?

Do you cut back your perennials every fall? Maybe you’re a neat and tidy person, who cannot stand the idea of messy foliage past its prime. Maybe you’ve been taught that pruning perennials in the fall is the correct way to prepare your garden for next year. Well here’s my secret. I don’t trim my perennials… [Read More]

Spring Gardening and a Birthday Gift

  Last weekend I was greeting by my lovely college aged daughter with an early birthday gift. She happened to be home for the weekend and went out and purchased some items from Hobby Lobby. The best part is that she wanted something that we could do together. So sweet. A simple Shepherd’s Hook and some… [Read More]

Easy Spring Wreaths

Every year I go away for the weekend with two of my very good childhood friends. We talk a lot, laugh a lot, shop a lot, eat a lot and sleep very little. Always soooo much fun. Because it’s late winter it seems like we are always looking for something bright and cheery for our homes when… [Read More]

Bring Some Brightness To Your Home with Spring Topiaries

There’s something about topiary that I’ve always loved in home decor. Of course live topiary are great but sometimes they are not practical for indoors depending on you lighting and other factors. Spring Topiaries   So in an effort to brighten our home and welcome spring, I decided to make a pair. I used the pots I painted in… [Read More]