Startle Garden – Review & Giveaway

Today I am super excited to present a new garden book, “Startle Garden” by my friend, Carole West, of Garden UP Green. Don’t you just love the title? If you love gardens, then I’m sure you’ve experienced the delight that they bring. I personally would say one of my very favorite things in the whole… [Read More]

Great Garden Fiction for the Avid Gardener

I’ve always been a reader. When I was a kid I loved going to the Bookmobile, which was a large bus from the library that would come near our house on Wednesday evenings. As an adult I still love to read especially at night, and more during the summer. I still occasionally go to the… [Read More]

A Great Opportunity

This sale is now over. I hope you had a chance to buy one.   I want to tell you about an AMAZING offer from the wonderful team over at Ultimate Bundles. Every quarter they put together a collection of eBooks and eCourses on a particular theme, and this time they’ve focused on DIY and… [Read More]

Plantiful: A Gardening Book Review

A while back I was listening to Ken Druse Real Dirt, a gardening podcast, and heard about a new book called; Plantiful. In it the author, Kristin Green, writes about how you can grow a big garden with 150 plants that spread, self sow and overwinter. A professional gardener, daily tending The Blithewold Mansion Gardens and Arboretum… [Read More]

Make a Garden Journal

It’s too cold to go outside where I live, but the dreaming and planning for this years garden started when the clock stroked midnight on December 31st. I’m going to start the year off with creating my own garden journal and I invite you to join in a create one for yourself. Make a Garden Journal I… [Read More]

11 Top Picks: Gardeners Gift Guide

  I picked out 10 gifts which I think anyone who gardens or simply loves plants would enjoy. I know I would. Simply click on the image to read more about the item. Plants Of course every gardener loves plants. I picked out a plant that works well indoors and out from Logee’s Greenhouse. Scented… [Read More]

Planning & Dreaming with Mail Order

Many people order seeds online or through catalogs to get a head start on their garden for the up-and-coming season. This is certainly preferred for vegetables and other edibles, however, if you do not have a dedicated space for grow lights, or a good, bright spot inside your home for seed growing, starting seeds indoors… [Read More]