Easy Front Door Swag for the Holidays

We all love wreaths, but sometimes it’s nice to change it up, and use something new for our front door decor. This year, instead of making wreaths, I’m making a front door swag for each of our double doors. We just had a fir tree cut down in the back yard. I was so sad to lose the tree, but it was very close to the house. Any day now a perfect storm could cause some major damage to our house, so it had to go.

Easy Front Door Swag

Learn how to make a front door swag with evergreens and pine cones for an easy alternative to a wreath this holiday season.


The great thing about this kind of evergreen, is that it will stay looking fresh for quite a long time after being cut. I plan on using parts of this tree for several different decorative touches in our home. If you have access to greens, you may be interested in the post 18 ways to decorate with fresh evergreens, for other ideas and inspiration.


To make the swags, cut a few branches around the same length, and enough when gathered, to make the swag as wide as you like.


Use some floral wire to tie them up at the top. Leave a few extra inches to twist together, making a loop for hanging.


This front door swag is decorated with two large cones and some pretty ribbons. A small eye screw at the top of the cone, is the perfect solution to thread ribbon, and allow it to hand on the swag.


Tie the ribbons to the back of the branches, at the same spot as the floral wire. I tied them loosely at first, so I could easily adjust the length.


A decorative bow is added to cover the floral wire and ribbons.

Learn how to make a front door swag with evergreens and pine cones for an easy alternative to a wreath this holiday season.

The red ribbon was new, but I already had the others on hand, making it easy and inexpensive. Just the way I like it.

Similar pinecones can can be found at a craft store, and the eye screws at any hardware store. Other options would be pretty ornaments or even several smaller pinecones.

Make it your own. Because, well, that’s half the fun.

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  1. So pretty and I think that would be the only thing I miss about living in the south is lack of evergreens. We have pine but it’s not the same. These are super pretty, love those double doors.

    • Hi Carole,

      So glad you like the swags. I’m sure you have plenty of other great options for Christmas decor that I don’t even know about in the south. You can always check with a Christmas tree guy. They usually have extra branches around that they will give you for free.
      I know this is a busy time for you and appreciate you taking the time to stop by.
      Have a great week.

  2. Kathleen Ruth says:

    Very pretty!
    We have two front gates that are new this year and I’ve decided to make swags for them, especially since our front door is no longer easily seen from the street.
    You simple swags are the PERFECT solution and I will be going out back to cut some spruce and other greens once it warms up a bit! I already have a bag of pine cones and other items for decorating them.
    thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Kathleen,

      That sounds like a great idea for your gates. What a way to welcome your guests or just to admire them yourself this holiday season. Thanks for stopping by,

  3. These are so pretty and look so easy to make. Great idea! Thanks for sharing at the Family Joy Blog Link Party this week!

  4. I love how simple this is, but still super classy. I’ve learned less is more when it comes to my decor! Thanks for linking up with us at the Share the Wealth Sunday link up!!

  5. wow I love how cute and simple this is. Last Christmas I went crazy looking for this item in stores and I couldn’t find it, and now I see how simple it is to make.. Thank you so much for sharing..

  6. Looks beautiful Patti! This is the perfect time for quick and easy, especially when its that pretty!

  7. I just cut greenery for an outdoor swag. The timing for this post is perfect. Thanks for sharing on Sunday’s Best Linkup.

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