Easy Poinsettia Arrangement for the Holidays

You can find them everywhere this time of year, and though they do come in many pretty shapes and sizes now, the average poinsettia in a pot can be a little boring. Why not make a poinsettia arrangement for the holidays by cutting the flowers and placing them in a vase?

Easy Poinsettia Arrangement for the Holidays

An easy poinsettia arrangement that will last for a week and can be made in about 15 minutes.

Usually this plant comes with a large abundance of flowers, giving you plenty to work with in your arrangement. Using a cute bowl or vase, you can make this compact beauty in about 15 minutes. More importantly, it should last for a least a week. Just one more task that you can complete ahead of time. 

The center green clusters are the true flowers of the poinsettia

FUN FACT: Did you know that the color petals we refer to as flowers are actually bracts or leaves. The true flowers are the little green clusters in the middle. 

Use floral foam inside a vase to hold flowers for the poinsettia centerpiece

I like to use floral foam, though many dislike using it due to the fact that it is not biodegradable. If you don’t want to use floral foam aka Oasis®, you can make a crisscross pattern at the top with tape to hold the flowers, as shown this post on how to make a dried hydrangea basket. Chicken wire is another option.

poinsettia stems ooze sap when cut

The interesting thing about poinsettias is that they ooze a white sap when you cut them. 

Burn the cut edge of the poinsettia stem to cauterize the would

Make sure you burn the tip to cauterize the wound. This will help the flower last longer.

A simple poinsettia arrangement in a white vase

Now all you need to do is stick a few flowers into the foam, or within your taped pattern. I like this tight pavé like style, with all the flowers close to the lip of the vase. It keeps the arrangement nice and low, so that you can easily talk to each other across the table.

An easy centerpiece made with poinsettia flowers and a candle

You could also add a pretty candle in the middle.

A simple centerpiece for the holiday table with poinsettias

A $7 pot from Trader Joe’s yielded more than enough flowers to make two poinsettia arrangements. I wish I had two of the same vases, so that I could have one at each end of the table. Instead I’ll place the remaining flowers in a simple vase, to brighten another spot in the house.


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  1. I literally just walked in the door with my yearly poinsettia and it is sitting on the counter. Your so right about the corning wrap that is comes in or not even that. I never thought about cutting the plant apart and like you mine is large enough to make two arrangements.

    This is a fantastic idea and I know just what containers to put mine in. One of vintage red glass vase that is low which is perfect for the middle of the table and the rest will go into a milk glass vase in my bedroom. Thanks for the tip about burning the ends as I never knew that. Merry Christmas.

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