Celebrate Spring with the Beauty of Natural Moss Decor

One of the first signs of spring here, is the bright green moss that is starting to show after a long winter. I really like the look of natural moss decor, and thought it would be perfect to brighten up the house for spring. Here I’m using preserved reindeer moss, and sheet moss, to create two simple projects you can make in no time. They look great for spring, but could be used all year long.

How to Create Natural Moss Decor

Learn how to use the beauty of natural moss decor for spring.Did you know that reindeer moss is not a moss at all. It’s a lichen. In fact, it’s natural form is gray or white in color. Typically you will find it dyed in a few different shades in the craft store.

Material for moss decor projects

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Reindeer Moss
Sheet Moss
Paper Mache Letter
Styrofoam Balls
Spray Adhesive Glue
Grapevine Wreath


Preserved natural moss in sheet form to decorate your door.This paper dmache letter E is easily covered in sheet moss. Just spray on some of the adhesive, tear off some of the moss, and press it onto the letter.

Easy grapevine wreath with natural sheet moss letter.Hang it with a pretty ribbon onto a grapevine wreath for a simple, yet beautiful, decoration for your front door.

Spray adhesive to glue reindeer moss to foam ball.The same process works with the Styrofoam balls. Here I used reindeer moss in a pretty spring green color.

Natural moss decor with styrofoam and reindeer mossI will say that my hands got a little sticky during this project. A little nail polish remover helped with all the extra glue left on my hands.

Reindeer moss balls with Easter eggs in bowlToss in a few seasonal extras, like these spotted eggs for Easter.

Natural moss decor with moss balls in old wooden bowl.

Or simply leave the moss balls as a statement on their own. This would be pretty in a urn with a large moss ball sitting on top.

Hanging letter E wreath covered in natural moss for front door decor.

Natural moss decor is an inexpensive, easy way to bring a little bit of the beauty of nature inside.

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  1. Great ideas really like the one with the eggs. This shade of green just screams spring – Love it!!

    • Hi Carole,

      When my girls were little I used to decorate much more for Easter, I’m still planning on one or two projects but this works too.
      Thanks for stopping by,

  2. So pretty, Patti! I totally agree with you on the moss – so springy!

    • Hi Karen,

      Can’t wait for spring this year. Even though we’ve had a mild winter, I’m so done with it.
      Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!

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