DIY Office Desk from a Door and Cabinets

I’ve been blogging for a little while now and up until recently I was using a standard banquet table for my office desk. As you can see there is absolutely no storage and the entire room was beginning to become a huge problem.

DIY Office Desk

Old Desk ~ DIY Office Desk ~

I’ve been blogging for a little over a year and up until recently I was using a standard banquet table for my office desk. As you can see there is absolutely no storage and the entire room was beginning to become a huge problem.

So for my birthday I asked my husband to take me to Construction Junction to pick out some recycled materials to make a new desk.

Construction Junction Entrance ~DIY Office Desk ~

Construction Junction is a 30,000 square foot warehouse located on the east end of Pittsburgh and is filled with donated, reclaimed, surplus building materials and used household goods.

We were amazed at what we saw there. The first area we walked through was filled with kitchen cabinets.

Construction Junction Cabinets~DIY Office Desk ~

There were old windows, gallons of paint, carpet squares and remnants, old toilets and tubs and even some industrial decking.

Construction Junction Inside ~DIY Office Desk ~

Originally I thought I might use a counter top for the top of the desk but then there were so many doors to choose from and they were just about the perfect size.

CJ Doors ~DIY Office Desk ~

I ended up buying four upper cabinets at $10 each, one pretty light green $5 door, a framed pegboard for $10 and a large metal shelving unit for $25.

Construction Junction Purchases ~DIY Office Desk ~

We also spent another $10 on lumber and some hardware to make a frame for the base so that the desk was at the right height. So for less than $100 I now have plenty of storage and a nice large area to work.

Construction Junction Cabinet ~DIY Office Desk ~

We took the fronts off all the cabinets and the back off of two and butted them up together to give a nice deep base.

DIY Desk cabinets ~DIY Office Desk ~

My husband then made a frame from 2 x 4s to raise the height and used brackets to attach the door.

DIY Desk Doorknob hole ~DIY Office Desk ~

The empty doorknob hole makes a great place to thread all my electrical wires.

DIY Desk cabinets ~DIY Office Desk ~

I’m thrill with how this DIY office desk turned out, though I still have some work to do organizing all my stuff. Now I have plenty of space to keep it.

Metal Shelving Unit ~ DIY Office Desk ~

Oh, and that shelving unit is already filled with all my DIY materials and projects. A great bargain for $25.

DIY office desk from salvaged kitchen upper cabinets and door. This is a super easy and affordable way to increase of storage and your working surface.

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  1. I am so jealous! That looks awesome. I don’t know if I went there I could figure all that out, but now I want to try. Seriously I am so jealous! It’s looks great!!!!!

  2. That is so inspiring — I am motivated to re-organize my own home office! What great ideas for re-purposing so many different pieces.

  3. Wow Patti – I could not envision it when you were describing it but it is fantastic! Good job – to Phil too!

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