How to Make Homemade Candles from Citrus Rinds

Homemade candles with essential oils are so easy to make. They smell wonderful and don’t cost a lot to make. I’ve made many as gifts or favors, with small tins, however, recently I saw some made from citrus rinds. I really love the bright fresh, natural look, and the smell of citrus, so I tried making a few to decorate our table for a dinner party.

Homemade Candles

Citrus Rind Candles ~ Homemade Candles DIY ~


Orange rinds – 4 from two large oranges cut in half.
Candle wax – 1/2 pound for the four candles or approx. 2 oz for each candle (I prefer soy wax because is burns cleaner)
Candle wicks
Straws – to hold the wick
Essential Oils – 1 tablespoon –  I used a combination of sweet orange, lemon and bergamot

The Process

Slice the oranges in half and carefully peel away all of the fruit from the rind.

Melt the wax. I have a candle pitcher that I place in a saucepan of simmering water to melt the wax, but you can use an empty coffee can or juice can instead. I’ve also read that some people use the microwave but I haven’t tried that process. Once melted, let the wax cool slightly, for just a minute or two before adding the essential oils. Stir well.

Straw holds wick ~ Homemade Candles DIY ~

Pour the wax into the empty rinds. Use a straw to hold the wick in place, by cutting a small slit in the middle of the straw. Then set the straw across the top of the orange rind and nestle the wick into the slit.

DIY Orange peel Candles ~ Homemade candles ~

Once the wax hardens, discard the straw and clip the wick down to about 1/2 inch.

Table Setting ~ Homemade Orange peel Candles DIY ~

Don’t they look pretty on the table with just a few flowers and a simple bouquet? They should burn for about 8 -10 hours depending on how high you fill them. Certainly enough time to last for the evening. You could blow them out and re-use them during the week but the rinds will eventually breakdown and start to deteriorate.

There’s something about the beauty of nature that I really love and I plan to try this idea again with other produce or natural elements. I’m thinking, other types of citrus, coconuts, maybe something in the gourd family.

 Learn how to make homemade candles with real orange rinds, wax and essential oils. They look so pretty and natural and will last for the evening.


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