Rustic Wooden Pumpkins Using Scrap Wood

Recently I invited my family over for Sunday dinner during the Steeler game. In addition to preparing a great feast, I wanted to decorate our main living area for fall, but I didn’t want to spend a lot of time, or money. So, while I was bringing out boxes of decorations from the basement, I noticed several scraps of wood near my husband’s work bench. This reminded me of the cute wooden pumpkins that I’ve seen on Pinterest, and I thought they would make an easy craft and a nice, new addition to the mantel.

Rustic Wooden Pumpkins Using Scrap Wood


I love the way they turned out. So quick to make, and hey, they were free.


They started with these random pieces of wood I found in the basement.


After I cleaned them up a bit, I gave them all a base color of orange craft paint. Then using shades of red and brown, played around until I got the look I liked.


These are bits of wood from a branch that fell in the garden. They made perfect stems for the pumpkins. 


A piece of old wire greenery made great vines. You can easily make these vines, by wrapping them around a paint brush, or any tapered handle.


They were super simple, fast and didn’t cost a dime. Looks like a little pumpkin family. I guess I’m on a trend of family groups. Remember the momma and baby owl wreath I posted recently.


Everything on this mantel except for a couple of thrift store finds on the right, came from the basement boxes, or were already somewhere in the house.


I love that these rustic wooden pumpkins add such a nice new brightness to the mantel.

They took very little time to make, so I had plenty of time to clean the house and make dinner, (recipes to come in another post).

And since they are not Halloween decorations, they are can stay through Thanksgiving.

And then we’ll have Christmas to deal with. 😉

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A fast and easy way to refresh your fall decor buy making these rustic wooden pumpkins with scraps of wood, and other times you have on hand.

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  1. How cute – simple and easy! I have to share with my daughter – she’ll LOVE this!

  2. This are super cute! They look really pretty on your fall mantle. I can find lots of fun and easy things to make with scrap wood, so I make the hubby save all pieces.

  3. I love this – so pretty and it’s nice you can enjoy it through November. Scrap wood is the best and where most of my projects transpire from. Great job and I like how you painted them. Super neat!!

    • Hi Carole,

      I know you are great with wood projects.
      I’m starting to obsess about making more.
      Thanks for your kind comments as always friend.
      Have a great week!

  4. Those are so cute and make such a lovely setup on the mantle.

  5. This is my favorite kind of craft. The pumpkins from scrap wood are easy and give a festive air. Pinned

  6. What a fun project! Such a great idea, thank you for sharing this. Almost all of us have a few pieces of wood to use already.

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