Master Bedroom Makeover Reveal – $100 Room Challenge

Welcome to the bedroom makeover reveal. This is the fourth and final week of the $100 room challenge, hosted by Erin from Lemons, Lavender and Laundry. It’s been a fun challenge, and we are so happy with new look to our master bedroom.  

$100 Room Challenge – Bedroom Makeover Reveal

See how to create a whole new look with this $100 room makeover challenge on my master bedroom from an inspiration piece.this post contains affiliate links for your convenience.  Click here to read my full disclosure policy 

This is what the room looked like before. The quilt was pretty but it had been around a long time and the painting on the right was a gift from my husband and I wanted to update the room using the colors in it as my inspiration.


$100 Room challenge - 4 weeks to makeover one room on a budget.And now, four weeks later. The bed is so fresh and updated,  and now there is some balance on the walls, with the hand painted word art and a gallery of botanical prints, all for $6.36.Goodwill lamps for $3.99 each.


New this week are lamps that I picked up at Goodwill for $3.99 each.

Spray painted lamps for bedroom makeover.

They were missing plugs so we bought replacements from the hardware store, and the same can of machinery gray spray paint that was used on the botanical frames to give them an updated cohesive look. The shades were reused from the previous lamps.

The nightstand on the right was replaced with an end table from the basement, and I borrowed a trick from Kathy at Up To Date Interiors using a book to lift the lamp to a more appealing height.

DIY drawer pulls on wood for a jewelry hanger.

Also new this week is this fun jewelry hanger. During Christmas I noticed this pretty selection of glass drawer pulls at TJMAxx. Using a leftover piece from the rolling plant stand I made last fall my husband helped me attach the pulls,  and it now displays my favorite necklaces and scarves. 

Refreshed dresser and jewelry hanger for bedroom makeover.

I cleaned up the dresser by pitching a lot of old clutter, and added an old lace runner I had packed away to bring in some light.

Organized tall dresser and updated window covering for bedroom makeover.

My husband’s dresser got the same treatment and now looks fresh and clean.

Botanical print and armoir view of bedroom makeover reveal

Finally, the awkward night stand that used to be next to the bed is now holding our humidifier,and I hung my print of Robert Furber’s March flowers on the empty space to the right of the cabinet. I think it needs a companion. Maybe I’ll buy April flowers which is my husband’s birth month.$100 room challenge bedroom makeover reveal.

We are loving the new look. The blue and white is so fresh and serene, with just enough garden beauty to complement my beautiful painting and suit my taste.

After all you spend nearly half of your life sleeping, why not make it a beautiful place to live.

Master Bedroom Makeover Reveal Cost Breakdown

Bedding – $38.98

8 x 10 Frames (6) – $6.36

Curtain Rod – $15.27

Scarf Valance – $5.99

Seeded Eucalyptus – $6.99

Drawer Pulls – $7.40

Lamps – $8.46

Spray Paint – $4.23

Lamp Plugs – $4.23

Total Spent = $97.91

What a fun challenge. Erin is talking about hosting another challenge in the coming months, and I hope to join in and conquer another room. Especially after seeing some of the great makeovers that the other bloggers have produced. My laundry room is a mess, and the hall bath still has the little mermaid theme decor, even though my girls in are in their early 20’s, so I have plenty of spaces that need help.

For now, take a look back at the first few weeks and stop by to see the other great reveals.

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  1. This is awesome Patti – I have so enjoyed following the process of this makeover and great idea on those lamps. I also noticed the baby shoes on the dresser. Are they yours? I still have mine along with a teething ring, at one point I filled the shoes with dried flowers. Really enjoyed this you nailed it with an outside the box approach.

  2. Oh, it is so pretty. You did a fantastic job!

  3. Your bedroom looks so lovely and serene. I love how you were able to add in just the right touches to make it all come together so beautifully.

  4. This was so much fun to watch! I hope you had as much fun doing it. The blues are so nice and peaceful and I love what you did with those lamps! A great thrifted upcycle just makes my heart leap. ?Kudos, Patti! Can’t wait to see what you do next time. You’ve inspired me to get going on some updating I need to do as well, and proven that you don’t have to spend a lot to make a big impact.

    • Hi Karen,

      You know it was kind of scary at first but so rewarding in the end and I don’t have to feel bad about spending too much money. You should join us next time.

  5. As I was scrolling through your post, the two words I kept thinking were: bright and serene. I absolutely love what you did with this space! So many wonderful additions. So excited to hear you might be joining the next round 🙂 This has been so fun having people participate in the challenge.

  6. Patti, it’s like a brand new room! I love the calm color scheme. That was brilliant to take your color palette from that pretty piece of art. I’m so impressed by all your upcycles, especially those lamps!

    • Thanks Meredith. The lamps were a happy surprise. I was looking for something at Goodwill that I could convert into a lamp and ended up with those lamps so I guess they were meant to be.

  7. So beautiful! Those lamps were such a bargain, and I think the colors in the room blend together beautifully.

  8. You did such a great job Patti! I can’t wait to tackle out master bedroom some day and make it a place I love. It’s pretty far down on our list right now though 🙂

  9. You did a beautiful job! Those lamps were a great find!

  10. It looks great! I love those lamps!

  11. You have created such a comfy bedroom filled with so much love! I love the transformation of the lamps! I love that color of the bedspread perfect match with the lamps. Great job

  12. The makeover looks amazing! I love those lamps!

  13. Such a calm room. I love how you matched the color of your lamps with the bedding!

  14. Such a smart makeover on those lamps! Also, I really love the blue! It’s my favorite!

  15. What a beautiful, relaxing space… love the lamp makeover. So many times, I’ve passed over “ugly” lamps without thinking that the shape is perfect to update with paint. Great update!

  16. Wow – you came in right under budget! It looks really nice. The blue lamps and bedding make it look so cozy. Great job!

  17. Love how you incorporated old keepsakes and both of your personalities into this makeover. The color scheme is so calming with both his and her touches. Like the machinery gray for him and the garden inspiration for you. I agree, this room is our sanctuary and we should treat it as such. Love it all!!

  18. I love your changes, Patti! I especially love how you pulled the feeling and color from your painting.. so special. And your jewelry hanger is SO adorable! Great find on those glass knobs. It was so fun doing this challenge with you! I hope we can do it again soon!

  19. This was such a fun challenge! You did so well with your bedroom makeover. Those lamps look gorgeous with the room! Nicely done!

  20. What a sweet and peaceful bedroom Patti! I really like the jewelry holder and updated lamps you added. Everything looks so good with your pretty furniture.

  21. Your room looks amazing and so peaceful! I love the lamps with their new color! They blend perfectly!

  22. Patti, you did an amazing job working with the colors in the painting. Your space looks calm and peaceful. Just what you want in a bedroom. Congratulations!

  23. Your makeover turned out beautiful!

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