Handmade Gifts: Homemade Lip Balm

Everyone enjoys lip balm especially in the winter. It’s pretty easy to make and you can get creative with the ingredients, make pretty labels and give them out as gifts. In my case I used some of the calendula oil I made during my infusing herbs segment. I also used peppermint extract instead of essential oil, just because some people can find it easier or may already have it on hand.

This is one of the best things I ever made. It's easy and they last a long time. Free printable too.


 It worked great. I think because the main ingredient was alcohol, not water, which would not mix well with the oils.

lipbalm ingredients


2 T Coconut Oil
2 T Calendula Oil
3 T Beeswax

1 t Peppermint Extract (optional)
12  Lip balm tubes

~ Use or add other oils such as olive, safflower and jojoba. Rule of thumb: the more oil the thinner the consistency; the more beeswax the harder the end product will be. 
~Add mineral makeup for color.
~Add essential oil for fragrance and other beneficial properties. You can use an extract as I have here, but make sure that water is not listed as the first ingredient.

beeswax and oils melting

Melt the oils and the beeswax in a glass measuring cup either on the stove, in a pot of water, or in the microwave. Once melted remove from the heat and stir in the peppermint. Pour into lip balm tubes. Allow to cool and attached the caps. Label.

Note: It’s hard to pour the liquid into those tiny tubes from a large measuring cup so here’s what I did. I pulled out a small plastic disposable party cup with a thin edge. Then I poured some of the liquid into the plastic cup which I was then able to squeeze and pour the liquid into the tube relatively easily. If you are working with a large batch you may have to reheat the mixture, as it hardens up pretty quickly. 

lipbalm 3pack


Here is the label I made for my lip balm sans logo. Click on the pic and you can download it for FREE.

free lipbalm label

click on pic to download doc



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  1. My tween girls would love to make this project for Christmas gifts!

  2. I always thought this was much harder to make!! I’m so going to try it now!! Excellent gift idea too

  3. I’ve always wanted to try this, but wasn’t sure I could do it. You make it sound so easy. Thanks!

  4. This looks like a fun gift idea! Love the peppermint flavor for Christmas!

  5. I’ve always wanted to make my own lip balm and this looks so simple! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. I am definitely going to have to try this! I know so many people who carry lip balm around religiously.

  7. That looks SO easy! How much did this cost to make?

    • Thanks Tara, it was pretty easy. I bought the tubes from Amazon I think they were about $7.00 for 12 tubes and the labels were another $10 but that was for 120 labels. The actual ingredients oils, beeswax and extract were all things I already had on hand but as you can see you need very little for 12 tubes. It’s a pretty cheap craft to make especially if you were make several or teamed up with someone to split the costs.

  8. You have answered an age-old question that I have had since my tweens! I WILL definitely love to try this.

  9. I want to make some of these for Christmas favors. I was wondering exactly how to make these, thank you for posting.

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