Easy DIY Spice Wreath

Here’s another throw back from my herbal gift shop days. We used to make a lot of wreaths with dried flowers and herbs. Sometimes we would used herbs and spices to hang and display in the kitchen. This DIY spice wreath is pretty easy to make and you can have a lot of fun creating it.

Easy DIY Spice Wreath

Wreath on wall ~ Kitchen Spice Wreath ~ gardenmatter.com


The Materials

An old picture frame
Cardboard slightly larger than the frame
Dried herbs and spices – Oregano; chilies, Cinnamon Sticks, Bay Leaves etc..
Black craft paint
Hot glue gun

Materials ~ Kitchen Spice Wreath ~ gardenmatter.com

Start with an old picture frame. This will give stability to the wreath and make it easy to hang. Note that the finished wreath will be slightly larger than the frame.

Frame ~ Kitchen Spice Wreath ~ gardenmatter.com

Next take your cardboard and cut it to a size slightly larger than the picture frame.

Cutting cardboard backing ~ Kitchen Spice Wreath ~ gardenmatter.com

Then cut out the middle and paint it black. This way if there are any holes in the finished look they will fade into the shadows.

Cardboard Frame Painted Black ~ Kitchen Spice Wreath ~ gardenmatter.com

Here’s the fun part. Starting at one corner, start hot gluing your herbs and spices to the cardboard. You can use any design that you like. I used a block design, but you could also create more of a striped design or increase/decrease the amount of herbs and spices.

Other ideas for herbs and spices are: dried sage, lavender, star anise, and nuts.

Finished Wreath on wall ~ Kitchen Spice Wreath ~ gardenmatter.com

In case you were wondering, yes, it is fragrant. The scent may not last very long but the beauty should last a long time.

Here's an easy tutorial that shows you how to make a diy spice wreath for your kitchen using a variety of herbs and spices.

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