Affordable Gift Ideas for Gardeners

I thought I’d share with you a few of my favorite things to buy for your gardener friends or even for your own stocking this year. This time of year can be overwhelming and I know that we all want to give special gifts to all the wonderful people in our lives. I am always looking for the unique and practical gifts that my family and friends will love. So I hope you enjoy my small list of garden gifts and that they inspire you this holiday season. Please be sure to comment and share your ideas too.

The Best Garden Gloves

I used to hate to wear gloves. I felt like I couldn’t feel what I was doing when planting and the gloves seemed bulky and I just couldn’t be bothered until I bought Nitrile Gloves. They have just right amount of protection and give; almost like a second skin.
They come in a variety of colors and sizes. And at less then $10 they make a great addition to a basket of goodies for someone you love. I’ve seen them at many garden centers or you can check them out here at Gardeners Supply Company.

Garden Shears

Someone gave me a pair for my birthday a few years ago. I thought, “These are nice.” Something you wouldn’t buy for yourself. Maybe you use your pruners or standard household scissors for all your cutting needs but I find that I come back to them time and again. They are perfect for cutting herbs from the garden. Their slim arms make it easy to cut just the stems you want. They are also great for when you cut flowers for a centerpiece and you need to trim them up before arranging them in the vase. Some places call them herb snips, grape scissors or even bonsai shears. They usually run around $10-20. You can find them at most garden centers however here’s also a nice selection at

Plastic Garden Tubtrugs

These have been out for a few years and I have always thought they were great. Basically indestructible with two sturdy handles in a bunch of cute colors and sizes. So many uses; garden clean-up, weeding, cutting flowers, keeping all your tools in and much more. They too are available everywhere from your local hardware store to Amazon for about $8-40 depending on the size. I plan on buy a small one and using it as a gift container so it can be part of the gift too. Anyone can find use for them. They don’t have to be interested in gardening. Pack up a few boxes of good pasta, your favorite jarred sauce, a loaf of Italian bread and maybe a nice Chianti, or two and you have a perfect inexpensive Italian dinner in one tidy place for someone on your list.

These are just a few ideas I’m thinking about right now but the season has just started. Stay tuned for more ideas. I’ll keep you updated with affordable, fun, and practical garden gift ideas.


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  1. Denise Wright says:

    Love your site! Such good information! Do you have any Christmas craft ideas?

    • says:

      Thanks for your comment. I plan on publishing an Evergreen wreath project and a kissing ball project in the next few weeks. Also, I will be giving the readers my account of the bayberry candles I will be making for my Christmas gift craft this year. Say tuned!

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