Top 10 Projects Using Essential Oils

Top 10 essential oil projects to create with your favorite scents.

It seems like every where I go I see and hear people talking about Essential Oils. On Facebook, on the sidebar of many blogs and recently at my hair salon.

I have been using essential oils since the late 1990’s when I owned the herbal gift shop with my sister. So many of the products we sold were made with essential oils and I have always enjoyed them for their unbeatable beautiful and natural fragrance.

So today I am sharing a roundup of 10 posts I’ve written using essential oils.

If you, or someone you know, is interested in working with essential oils, these easy projects would be a great place to start. Simply click on the title or pic for details.

1. Make Your Own Signature Scent

Make your own signature scent with essential oils.


One of my most popular posts. Making a simple perfume is as easy or difficult as you want to make it.

 2. Layered Potpourri Jars

Layered Potpourri jars make great gifts and are fun to make with a friend or your kids.


A great craft for the kids to make or a few friends to share the costs of the ingredients.

 3. Homemade Bath and Body Wash

Learn how to make your own bath gel with natural ingredients and essential oils.


All natural and moisturizing recipe scented with your favorite oils.

4. Rose Petal Glycerin Soap

Learn how to make this quick and easy soap with essential oils


Another super simple one to involve the kids in.

 5. Homemade Lip Balm

You can make your own lip balm for pennies with a few ingredients in very little time.


Now that I’ve made this I don’t think I’ll ever buy it in the store again.

6. Lavender Linen Spray

Did you know lavender can help you sleep? Spray it on your sheets and pillow for a restful night.


Well documented studies show a calming effect using lavender which may help those with a busy mind rest.

7.  Gardener’s Hand Soap

This homemade Gardener's Hand Soap is all natural with essential oils and an exfoliating agent that is simple to make and will help get the dirt out from under your nails.


Natural grit from baking soda gives this soap a little extra cleaning power.

8.  Homemade Cleaning Products

Make your own cleaning products with natural ingredients and essential oils.


I’m in love with the granite cleaner. I’ll never buy this at the store again.

9. Gardener’s Hand Salve


This hand salve is easy to make and you can scent it with your favorite essential oils.


Another popular one. Great for feet too.

10. Homemade Dry Body Oil Spray

Learn how to make body oil that's great for dry skin and after tanning with essential oils.


And lastly, I made this for the winter but it would also be very good as an after tanning moisturizer.

All of the recipes are easy to make and you can really go crazy with creating different variations of scents and different carrier oils. Enjoy.

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Top 10 essential oil projects to create with your favorite scents.

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